A Subtle Hint: I Want a #@!*% Teacup Pup

teacup pupI want a dog. I love big, sweet dogs that you can bear hug, but Tom says we don’t have room. So, I’m kind of hinting around for one of those tiny little teacup pups. The kind that break ribs when they sneeze. They take up no more room than a bar of soap. I’m not a very subtle hinter though, so the outlook on this one is grim. Here’s how it usually goes:

“Y’know Tom, I think when we get this little teacup puppy, I’d like to name him Archie.” (result: silence)

“Awwww, wouldn’t little Leonard, our teacup doggie, love this park?” (result: glaring)

“Did you know that some teacup puppies can be litterbox trained? We could teach little Roscoe to do that.” (result: eye-rolling)

“Chihuahua’s are pretty ugly, in a cute way, don’t you think? If that’s the kind of tiny dog we end up with, we should name him Tuco, after Eli Wallach’s character in The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.” (result: loooong sigh)

I’m going to have to improve my technique. This stuff always worked when my kids did it, but I guess the effect becomes a little sad and desperate when you’re over forty. Maybe a tiny little Maltese could just “show up” on our doorstep one day. One look at those big wet eyes, and Tom would melt like an ice cream cone. Kids and puppies almost always get what they want.

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84 thoughts on “A Subtle Hint: I Want a #@!*% Teacup Pup

  1. awriterinthedesert says:

    I have a propensity for buying dogs without asking my husband. I’ve been doing it forever. He gets furious when he sees an adorable new puppy in our house and doesn’t speak to me for a few hours. Then these dogs live for fifteen years and when they die, he cries harder than anybody.

  2. That’s a great idea, but I think I would be turned out into the street, seeing as I just moved into Tom’s home! A little more time though…

  3. ouiser says:

    Here’s another approach to try… I once wanted a dog and knew Mom and Dad would say no so, without asking, I went to the pet store and picked out a pooch. I picked an evening when both would be gone to work and brought the little guy home. When they got home, I told them a huge lie (one of the first for me) about how he was stranded on the four-lane and I rescued him out of fear he would be ran over. I had a few moments of panic when Mom suggested hanging “found” posters at some of the local pet stores, but I saved the day with the idea that whoever let the little guy get on the road in the first place didn’t deserve to have him back. People find it hard to punish good samaritans, ya know! Go get a dog and tell Tom you found him stuck in a trash can trying to find food for his starving little self.

  4. Brian says:

    The kind that break ribs when they sneeze.

    Freakin’ hilarious!! :lol:

  5. I talked to Tom about the whole “I wanna doggie” thing this morning. I said, “At this point, if I found some sad, deserted little dog with his ribs sticking out, wandering the streets, you’d still think I set it up, huh?”

    He said, “Absolutely.” Sigh……..

  6. ouiser says:

    Well DRAT! Guess you’ll have to keep working on him.

  7. [...] we’d buy our nice little dream house and a small piece of land near a lake, where I could have a dog(!). Decent transportation, no health issues, and we could write and paint to our hearts’ delight. [...]

  8. jesi says:

    what kind of dog is the white dog in the picture?

  9. @ jesi: It’s a teacup Maltese. Adorable, huh?

  10. Sarah swansea says:

    I told my partner no puppy no sex, as you can guess worked like a charm. He got me one the next day.

  11. @ Sarah: Hmmmmmm….I just can’t do it– I like sex too much.

  12. BexBoo says:

    Unfortunatly threatening no sex doesnt work for parents =[........ i desperatly want a maltese teacup pup they are sooo cute... i also have the probelm of the dumbest heavy footed chocolate lab in the world and 5 naughty cats so i dont thin one of these sweet little things would last very long in my house......... my Doctor has said im allergic to cats so there is a chance i might have to rehome them *sighs* i was told in the horrible heart breaking event that would happen i could get a teacup pup to make things better.................. lets hope i dont have to rehome the cats i love them too much, even though a teacup pup is very very tempting =] ………….. by the way keep working on him, he will crack eventually. If you threaten the no sex hopefully he wont realise your bluffing and give in before you have to actually wait that long………. might work.

  13. @ BexBoo: I’m glad you stopped by! I think you’re right– after a while, the sex threat just doesn’t have as much impact. Be careful if you get your Maltese (I hope you do)– it sounds like your lab could squish it with one paw. I’m seriously obsessed with getting one, though I’m only hinting about three times a week now.

    You sound like such a cat lover. I hope you don’t have to rehome them. If you’re as attached to your cats as I am to mine, it would be a very tough situation.

  14. Moeliza says:

    wow. its really cute. i wish i had one too, damn, but i dont think i can ever offer it, dont those teacup dogs cost grands….. love it tho.

    They are expensive, and I can’t afford one right now either. Sometimes, pet shelters will have one, and my boyfriend’s sister has a couple that we’re hoping will mate. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  15. One of my clients came in today with her new baby….a teacup Maltese…the most adorable thing Id ever seen. The dog smelled better than I do…knowing this client as I do, the little thing probably has its own bottle of “Ken-nell #5″
    Anyway, I thought of this post when she came in, no one could help but love this little dog.

  16. @ villager: I want one SOOO much! I need this cuteness in my life.

    LOL @ Ken-nell #5.” Hilarious!

  17. Leina'ala says:

    try this .. when i want something and the other half has reservation.. i paste picture of what i want all over the house.. example: above the toilet tissue, put one in his wallet, on his razor, toothbrush, in his lunch bag – i even went as far as to tape a picture of it on his rear view mirror in his car.. and guess what.. he finally gave in just to shut me up.

  18. @ Leina’ala: This is a FANTASTIC idea. I’m definitely doing it. Thank you!

  19. teacuppomeraniangirl says:

    I have a teacup pomeranian.I got it because I never stopped pleading my family and they got tired of my pleading so I got one.Why not try that with Tom?

    My pleas fall upon deaf ears. I think he’s grown immune. Maybe I’ll just have to kick him.

  20. Birdpress says:

    “There is no such thing as a ‘teacup Maltese.’ Unknowledgeable
    breeders use this cutesy phrase as a ‘marketing term’ for the smallest
    Maltese, but in reality, there is only one Maltese breed, ranging from
    about 2 pounds up to about 10 pounds.

    You do NOT want a Maltese under 3 or 4 pounds, no matter how cute it
    is. These individuals are great risks in the health department. Their
    bones are fragile, there is not enough room in their mouth for healthy
    teeth, and their internal organs are often very weak.”
    -Source: http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview?id=179863

    As a groomer, I have seen SO many problems with these little dogs. Please be careful and do your research! Also, it is never good to buy from a pet store. 99% of pet store dogs come from puppy mills. http://stoppuppymills.org/

    I’m not trying to dissuade you from getting your little pup, or to sound like a know-it-all! I really just don’t want to see you getting your heart broken over one, and I don’t support puppy mills at all! There are plenty of good breeders that sell healthy, home-raised toy dogs and I’m sure you will have no trouble finding one. :) Just know what you are getting, okay?

    I’ve read up for months on this pup stuff, and I know that you’re right. “Teacup” is just a term for tiny dogs– often the runts of two litters are bred. I’ve also heard that Maltese are very difficult to train and housebreaking is almost impossible. SO….I’ll probably have to go for a small dog that’s a little more easy to manage. Having a Maltese almost sounds like having a cotton ball for a pet.

    I won’t buy from pet stores. Promise. And thanks for the good advice!

  21. birdpress says:

    Glad to hear that!

    What about a toy poodle? They are hypoallergenic, don’t shed, and generally smarter and gentler than other toy breeds. As with all dogs with nondetermined hair length, you’ll need to have them groomed every 4-6 weeks, but the no-shedding thing is a big plus. (I’m such a poodle nut!)

    I hadn’t really considered a toy poodle, because, well, I’m not very poodly (although I know that they’re very intelligent). I don’t think I could keep up with their haircare bills either!

  22. flo says:

    Hey i know i’m a little late reading this but I would recommend you just buying the thing.

    My mum and I were desperate for a chihuahua after visiting a friend who was dogsitting one. My dad absolutely point-blank refused. Two months later, when he got home from work he was greeted by the most beautiful little baby dog. At first he was pretty mad although the pup was so cute he had to be mad quietly but as Dobby started to grow up he grew to accept it, and now, 4 years down the line, he has taken Dobby to the local pub and all the locals LOVE Him!!! So now my dad admits he was wrong and he loves having Dobby around when we’re not at home.

    Just buy your little teacup pup – my Dobby is the light of my life! i love him so much!

  23. Flo says:

    p.s where as I can understand that there are risks to getting the ‘runts’ of the litter due to health problems etc, it can also be extremely rewarding.

    We got our Chihuahua from a breeder whose dogs were all Crufts winners! He was only selling Dobby because he was the runt and so tiny and had a problem with his aesophagus. Well someone had to love the little guy and we felt it unfair that he was being cast aside. He has grown up to be the most affectionate, well tempered, happy, and calm little dog. He does have his health problems – he broke his leg when he was 2 and it couldn’t be fixed properly because he is so small so now he walks with a limp, and he often chokes on his food due to his aesophagus but that is no problem because we look out for him.

    I find it very rewarding to look after our little guy and even though we know there is a chance he could be taken from us at any moment (each time he eats is a risk) at least we know that he lived a happy life in the best capable hands (ours).

    So DO get a ‘teacup’ pup if you wish – but just make sure you can look after it if he/she is weak or ill. It’s rewarding, and someone has to look after them!! But of course buy from a reputable breeder…

    Thanks for these comments, Flo. Dobby sounds adorable! You sound like such a great pet owner. I’ve heard more positives about teacup chihuahuas than other breeds. I’ll definitely be keeping all you’ve said here in mind when I am on my puppy hunt.

  24. I would just go ahead and get one! You can adopt adorable purebred Maltese puppies at many Maltese rescue associations: http://www.maltesemaniac.com/maltese-dog-rescue.html

    Thank you for this link! I’ll be revisiting it in a month or so, which is when I’m hoping to get my new pup!

  25. Janina says:

    http://www.exquisitepuppies.com – this site doesn’t only sell teacup maltese but also, timperial shih tzus, and any teacup dog. i just love teacup pomeranians!!

  26. chiyong says:

    Hello i have got three really teacup size babies going out for a free will donation which you are going to make.contact for more informations on the babies

  27. maxine says:

    that dog is the cutest. i wish i had it because it is small and cute.

    Hi maxine– this isn’t the one I got, but I did get an awfully small puppy. Hope you get yours too!

  28. Anonymous says:

    hmmm… i just chanced upon this blog post and i’m amazed at how many people say ‘just get one and he’ll accept it’. personally, having wanted a dog forever (like since i was born i guess!?!) i know the yearning for a puppy.

    but i do think you need to respect him a bit by talking to him adult to adult. i.e. ‘why are you against it?’ if he comes up with very reasonable points, like some kind of fatal allergy that he never mentioned, then i guess it’s the pup or the man. in most other cases, a calm, ‘cover all possible problems and potential points of friction’ discussion will usually reveal stupid reasons for not having one. i.e. ‘they’re too cute’, or ‘i never liked animals, (why?) no reason’. after which you can take down the unreasonable points one by one and reveal them to be unreasonable. if the points are reasonable, like, you have no time to take care of them, then consider what arrangements could be made and how it’s going to work out. i find men have a lot more respect for this kind of talk, compared to hinting, threatening or just doing something knowing he’ll be unhappy.

    having a pup is like having a kid. the responsibility is immense. i, myself finally have two dogs, but at times, in spite of how much i love them, i just want to run away from them and never come back, thanks to the immense mess and noise they make.

    but if all living arrangements can be made for a new puppy in the house, i hope you do get one. just make sure you learn how to take care of them and discipline them before you get any. :) hope this helps.

    Hi, Anonymous– glad you stopped by! No, I couldn’t do the “get one anyway thing–” it’s just not in me. But my sweetie is a sweetheart, and if you read some of my more current posts, you’ll see that I did get my pup a couple of weeks ago (with his blessing). Not as fancy as the one pictured, but I love him dearly. He is a tremendous responsibility, but I was prepared for it. And it is like having a kid, but he hasn’t talked back to me once, or stayed out past curfew, and for that, I’m grateful.

    Thank you sooo much for stopping by, and for your great comments!

  29. Dayton says:

    teacup dogs are so cult who would not love them

  30. cuterthenu says:


  31. Anonymous says:


  32. ASHLEY says:


  33. Patricia says:

    I have a teacup maltese and I will admit she is the most adorable little creature ever. However, before you make the decision to adopt one, keep in mind some very important things about teacups. 1. you can’t really leave them alone. They have to eat every 3-4 hours or they can become hypoglycemic. 2. They are more fragile than they appear.

    I have trained mine to go on puppy pads so its easier to take her places or have her in the house all the time. I have a playpen that she sleeps in during the day which has her bed, food, water and a puppy pad so she is fully protected.

    Just things to keep in mind. They are cute and are fabulous pets but you need to be at home all day with them or have someone there every couple of hours.

    Thanks, Patricia. In recent posts, I mention that I finally got my new pup. It’s not a maltese, as I’d been dreaming of, but a funny little chihuahua who sort of chose us. Not as pretty as a teacup maltese (by any stretch of the imagination), but he’s a perfect fit for our household. The potty training’s been an issue, but we’re working on it (puppy pads are the greatest invention ever)!

    He’s always got plenty of company, by the way– the cat, the boyfriend and/or me! Thanks so much for your comments.

  34. pinkshoes25 says:

    hi I’m 13 and all of a sudden I just wanted a teacup Maltese sooo badly the only bad thing was my dad. He doesnt want me to abandon it and make my mom take care of it. So my question is..is it hard to take care of them when your my age?? What do you have to do to be able to keep them healthy and all that?? I really want one and have been on the Internet sending him a million facts about the puppy. Every moment I have a picture actually the one above the comments and show it to him. He just ignores me now.

    Hi! From what I’ve read, and from some of the messages here, I think that teacup Malteses are pretty hard to take care of, no matter what your age is. They require a LOT of time and attention, and if I were 13, I’d probably choose a breed that was a little less needy. Teacup Malteses can’t be left alone for long– they need you around all the time. Also, you should consider that because of how tiny they are, they’re very fragile, which means that they can easily be hurt or killed.

    I would look for a small breed that is a little sturdier and a little bigger– I ended up getting a Chihuahua, and although he’s not quite as pretty as a Maltese, he’s a great little dog– very small and funny and smart. Maybe you could start reading up on small breeds (not teacups, but toys) that you like, that are a little more independent and easier to take care of. Then you could talk to your dad about a compromise. Good luck!

  35. Ali says:

    ugh i just cant convince my parents to get me a dog….any suggestions of what i oculd tell them to make then realize i deserve it? my dad will let me…its my mom that wont….

  36. Ali says:

    oh yeah and i was thinking maybe a teacup pug….but i am afraid they are too fragile…is it less fragile then the teacup maltese? or is it about the same? i am 13 also and i’ve always wanted a dog all my life…and i just cant convince my mom…any advice?

    Teacups are VERY fragile, Ali. They often have health problems, and you could seriously injure (or possibly kill) one just by accidentally stepping on it, or by it jumping from too high a place. I’d recommend that you do an online search for a dog rescue place– they usually post pictures and often have small dogs.

    As for convincing your mom– puppies need lots of time and attention, so your mother’s probably concerned that she’ll end up being the one to take care of it. Give her examples of how responsible you are, and tell her specifically how you plan to take care of your new pup (especially while you’re at school). Good luck!

  37. kimari says:

    i want a dog so babd.fiirst i was goin to get a yokie until i saw teacups .teacups r morefun to cuddle and play around with their just like little babies you sleep with them ,feed them,and hold them just like babie…….thats whyy i wnt a teacup dog.

  38. michelle says:

    i love the french puddle tea cup dog i want one but my mom saids she might bye it but i never never in my life had a dog and im 10 years old and sece i wanted one i was 3 or 4 oh and i would like one light brown puppy i hope you get this

  39. @ kimari and michelle: I hope you get your puppies!!!!!

  40. Anonymous says:

    i want oneeee

  41. Pete says:

    that is so cute

  42. court says:

    i want this puppy

  43. lezly says:

    Cutest thang evah!

  44. john says:

    this dog looks like my poodle

  45. Vilma says:

    Hi! couldn’t stop from reading your blog! and looking at that adorable puppy.
    I’ve been looking for a tea cup yorkie for about 3 months now, one i can afford, because they are very expensive.
    But instead I think im just going to stick with the tea cup maltease. Im getting a very good offer from a private seller.
    $250 for the puppy. and he weighs 2 to 3 pounds.!
    hes adorable! i cant wait to go pick him up! ;)
    I love small dogs, dont get me wrong i love big dogs too! I have an akita that lives with my mother and two chihuahuas that get along so well with him, its soo cute, to see a big dog when he stand in 2 feet and is way taller than 6 feet to be around two tea cup chihuahuas!
    His name is Goofy! too..LOL..people laugh beacause they would think he would have a killer name or something..but hes actully the sweetest thing.!
    He’s tall dark and handsome! lol =)

    i hope you found ur pup!
    and there is cheap ones out there just gotta look. and make sure you do read about them also, like shot wise.., and what type of caring they would need.!


    wish you luck!!


  46. Anonymous says:

    O M G this dog is the cuttest dog i have ever seeeeeennnnnnnnnn…

    p.s. sence i saw this picture i want this doggggggggggggggggggggg

  47. madalina says:

    bat pariu ca e bichon maltese !!! si eu am unul!:*:*:*

  48. kimwalker says:

    hi i want to say that puppy is so cute i be looking for a puppy for a long time i want to say this was going to be my first but idk if you still have him are her..

  49. brianna vaughn says:

    that dog is so adorable. &nd sweet!

  50. Rusty says:

    Got our Teacup Maltese on Saturday 1 lb may get to 3. SWEET!!!

  51. Congratulations, Rusty!

  52. jess says:

    same with me. except we’ve got plenty of room for a dog. just my mum doesnt want me to have a dog. grrrr

  53. jess says:

    my mum has no idea of how to take care of a dog properly and im only 11, how am i going to take care of a dog and homework and school. i dont want it to be left lonely with a mum with depression and hates dogs and can never be bothered in doing things and ALWAYS changes her mind. i guess i’m just on really bad luck. oh well.

  54. jessie says:

    i dont like to be lonely at sad moments and when my friends dump me. i want a dog. a dog that can search peoples feelings. but its too hard. just have to live without proper care and a bad luck life.

    Jess, if it were possible to give someone a hug over the Internet, I’d certainly give one to you. I’m sorry you can’t get a pup right now, and that your mom isn’t well. I’m also sorry about your sadness and loneliness, and that you’re having a “bad luck life.” When I was your age, I had a bad luck life too, but now I’m an older person with an adorable puppy and a very good luck life. Just know that things can change. Keep your chin up, and thank you for writing.

  55. Anonymous says:

    how sweet!!!!it’s a really beautiful doggie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Vanilla Bear says:

    You seem like a nice dog person. What advice would you have for a 15 year old girl who absolutely LOVES dogs, but has a set of parents who absolutely don’t?
    My mother is under the impression that EVERY SINGLE dog you meet has made its life’s misson to attack and end your life, but when my dog had seven puppies, she wanted to keep one. I didn’t. It was hard enough with one, and I knew I would have to take care of them both. GUESS WHAT HAPPENED?

    Now some idiotic friend at her work has gone and shown her a picture of a teacup yorkie! She wants one, but I can see the same thing happening all over again! They won’t even let me bring my dogs inside, and it breaks my heart. I love dogs to death, but I’m only a freshman in high school! I can’t keep up with ANOTHER dog! And I REFUSE to let them keep any teacup dog outside alone.

  57. Tatiana says:

    My mom doesnt want me to have a dog but ive begged so much that shes sort of changing her mind. Im not sure what i want………either a pomeranian puppy(female) or a teacup(female). What do you think?

  58. Anonymous says:

    dopy dopy dopy you guys are pathetic! i have six dogs all puppies HA HA HA HA
    i luv them all
    i hope you guys dont get any dogs
    i hope you all suffer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Tatiana says:

    OMG!!! I want a dog so badly!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Tatiana says:

    dogs are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=]
    I want one so badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=[

  61. laura =] says:

    how much do thee dogs usually cost? and what is a tea cup?

  62. Alexis says:

    This puppy is so cute where did you get it!

  63. adriana says:

    hola yo solo ablo esponol pero estam muy bonitoa los perritos y mas ese

    Gracias, Adriana! No es mi perro, apenas un cuadro que encontré. ¡Pienso que ella es muy bonita también!

  64. teacup yorkie says:

    id say that a teacup dog is better than having kids for him. i think he’d rather prefer starting out with a dog rather than a kid. btw what kind of guy doesn’t want a dog even if its a little one. Dogs are a man’s best friend & he should embrace that by getting one. You do however, have to watch your step around the house. They are very fragile & can easily break a bone. The more expensive the teacups are the more smaller they come. They are a joy & mine follows me around EVERYWHERE! and i even take him to my college classes & he is so good in my purse :].

  65. teacup yorkie says:

    & usually when a guy sees a really adorable dog, he can’t resist :] btw teacups are normally very expensive but in all actuality you spend less on those dogs rather on big dogs because you spend very little on their food for an entire year since they eat so little :] but the down side of this is that they are VERY DIFFICULT to potty train. So much patience is needed for these dogs.

  66. kaylie says:

    that is a cute dog how much is he

  67. Ale says:

    that puppie is so cute where did you get it

  68. mcjohnson says:

    I have a maltese-shih-tzu mix and she’s been an absolutely wonderful dog. Malteses in general are actually not that difficult to train and they have wonderful dispositions. I’d highly suggest getting one.

  69. eron says:

    how cute is that dog! 8-) :) :D

  70. Analiese says:

    i have always wanted a dog ever since my cousins got one and i am so happy my mom and dad said i might be able to get one when the house we are building is done so over the summer i will be asking them over and over until they let me get one.

  71. Blanche Ang says:

    thx for the reason to give my dad when he says we cant have a puppy because we live in an appartment

  72. Brandi says:

    Ive got the same problem as you I want a puppy so bad Im trying to talk my fiance into I told him Ill give you a choice a “baby or a puppy” at first he looked at me funny because he knows I dont want a baby until were 25ish lol but now he is actually thinking about it and said maybe a Chihuahua I hope he makes up his mind soon I want a puppy so bad you could try that but I dont know if itll work since your a lil bit older than me LOL he may roll on the floor laughing at you =/ but it’s worth a hell of a try Im scared to just bring the dog home I think hell get really mad at me so Im not trying that lol =) You can go to the local pet store and bring your camara with you find the puppy you like and ask to hold it and if the have play pens like mine does put it in the play pen and record it playing or take pictures of it playing and say awwwww look how cute this doggie is you know you want it I did this but it didnt work too well the only reason these things havent worked for me is because we live in an apartment and you have to pay 300 for a dog plus 25 extra a month well we dont have the money and i wanna get one (what he says “illegally”) I just wanna sneak it in it doesnt count if it weighs less than a cat right?? but maybe those things will work better with you since you dont have to deal with the apartment thing =) hope I was helpful and hope you get a puppy soon =)

  73. Rach says:

    I think you should seriously double think this!! Yea teacup dogs cute but there are some problems!
    a) There is no such thing as a “teacup dog” the littliest average dog is a terrier at 5-7 pounds. The teacup scheme is used as a marketing technique
    b) They are so sickly!! The can die quickly too.
    c) So called teacup puppies are normally preamture creating even more problems!!!

  74. laura says:

    i’m really glad that the last person said that, teacup dogs are adorrible,but they’re not healthy. they need a lot of work, and should be taken care of because the owner knows the health problems they’re going to face. why not get a dog thats a little bigger? im not saying huge. more like five pounds instead of two.

  75. poop says:

    frikkin cuuuuuute

  76. Laura D says:

    I love all dogs but I’m extremely fond of tiny little dogs. Although any dog that one decides to have will require some amount of work. Dogs of any size are not for people who don’t have the time or energy for the dog, you best stick to cats, which are mostly independent most of the time.

  77. Autumn says:

    Hi, Iv’e been looking for EVER for that kind of teacup.what kind is it?please let me know so i can find a teacup similar to it for me to give a home too :)

  78. Andrea says:

    I love ur puppy it is so nice ^^

  79. Anonymous says:

    aaawwwww so cute been looking for one for my 11 year old daghter so cute wish i could find her one for free in littlerock or texakana or even hope

  80. Anonymous says:

    i love the dogy

  81. Caleb Ling says:

    its so CUTE!!!!!

  82. chilly29 says:

    I like teacup puppies the are cute. Have you seen the teacup kittens, they are so small and adorable. Teacup kittens weigh about 3 to 5 pounds. LoL

  83. Yes they are really cute. Teacup kittens are a bred by means of diffrent races to form the precious little teacup cats. You can find lots of info on teacup kittens on http://www.teacup-kittens.com.

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