I Had a Dream…

owen wilson's nose…or was is a nightmare? I was getting a nose job, and when the procedure was over, I excitedly looked in the mirror. Instead of the beautiful little schnoz I was anticipating, it looked exactly like Owen Wilson’s. Only it was off center, to the right of my face. The doctor told me not to worry, that this was normal. He said that once the swelling went down, it would look great, and would once again be centered. I accepted this explanation, and proceeded to wait. Got tired of waiting, so I woke up. With my own nose. Centered.


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47 thoughts on “I Had a Dream…

  1. Funny says:


    Less wine before bed , less nonsense dreams you’ll have :D

  2. Actually, I’ve been eating pickles before bed, and I think that’s the cause. I had another really weird dream last night, which I’ll post later.

  3. Brian says:


    Bet you’re glad that nightmare ended!

  4. awriterinthedesert says:

    Thankfully you woke up, but the saddest part is Owen is stuck with that nose. And what a nose, it’s an entity all its own.

  5. You’re right! Maybe that’s why he’s in rehab now. He had to escape the reality of that nose somehow…

  6. Brian says:

    You guys are being mean. :P

    Actually, I think his nose was broken at least twice in the past and that’s why it looks that way. He would actually be rather nice looking if he got it fixed, but imagine the hell he’d go through with the press. They’d have a field day talking about how shallow he was for changing it.

    In a way, it’s kind of his trademark… sort of like Barbra Streisand’s.

  7. Now Brian, don’t go making me feel guity! I loved Marty Feldman (Igor in “Young Frankenstein”), but I don’t want his eyes. I love Olive Oyl, but I don’t want her figure. I love Owen Wilson, but I don’t want his nose on my face– not even in a dream! Actually, I like imperfections in celebrities– it makes them a bit more human. And you’re right– it is his trademark.

  8. awriterinthedesert says:

    I absolutely LOVE Owen and he can camp out on my couch anytime, but I still think he should at least consider getting his nose fixed. I worry he’ll develop sinus problems from the awful breaks plus his raging coke addiction, and his medical insurance would cover it. It’s probably why Kate Hudson left him and, if that’s the case, shame on her for being so shallow. If Owen got it fixed (and quit buying blow), Kate would probably/mabye/ should go back to him.

  9. awriterinthedesert says:

    Y’know, I just looked at the Owen montage again — I really studied it — and in the first photo it kind of looks like Peter Sellars’ nose in the Pink Panther movie where his wax nose melted. But I mean that in a really good way because I love both Owen and Peter Sellars.

  10. I love both of them too. And their noses. In my dream, I guess I was just sort of looking for something a little more…perky :)

  11. [...] Baby kosher dill pickles: I’ve become addicted to them. Three jars in two weeks. No calories, but I’m retaining water like the Grand Coulee Dam. They also make me have really weird dreams. [...]

  12. Rhinoplasty says:

    wat kind of nose these guys have, it seem to be horrible.According to my view beauty of face can be judges through nose, i suggest to take better treatment to make there face beauty

  13. Aaron says:

    You guys are so mean!
    i have a big nose, and i know what it’s like to be ridiculed. but i just tell people ‘it’s not big, it’s european.’ throw in an accent, and the ladies love it.

  14. @ Aaron: Awww…c’mon, we were just joking. I have nothing at all against big noses, in fact, often they’re quite nice, BUT— if you were a woman, and you had that dream, I’ll bet you’d be disturbed too. :)

  15. Loooooobey says:


  16. @ Loooooobey: I think Owen’s adorable. I just wasn’t expecting his nose to be on my face.

  17. drrd says:

    haha i have a nose so big

  18. Anonymous says:

    my nose is big too i hate it i wana die. but loads of ppl find me attractive and i do get d guys attention dno y? i fnk m the most ugliest fng dt walks on dis earth. (tho i dnt fnk it dt ugly as owens)lol

  19. poop says:

    haha thats funny i cant believe that lol thats something i would definitely dream about

    but kind of scary

    yea u can tell that im bored right now

  20. natalia says:

    Oi my name is natalia does not know to speak very English why I am Brazilian!
    no actor is serious is of Rio De Janeiro more saying of this I finds one calls this deifeito in the nose it therefore has that to be a “gatão”
    kiss [;)]As he says yourself here, he ties (k) soon

  21. royalmongrel says:


  22. [...] Katrina, hurricanes, Johnny Depp, Lynne Spears, Martin Luther King Jr., poker, World Trade Center) I have the weirdest dreams. I know this because I tell them to Tom sometimes, and he says, “Wow. You have the weirdest [...]

  23. Anneli says:

    My friend has a nose EXACTLY like his, but I don’t think she’s ever noticed…. she’s in denial XD So his might not of been caused by all the breaks, he might just have parents with odd noses….

  24. sophia says:

    haha but owen’s nose isnt fake or anything…he broke it when he was boxing or whatever a long time before…looks pretty unfortunate though, but he’s hot enough, so its ok

  25. Manće says:

    I like his nose.. <33 I think he look sweet :D

    I agree– he does look sweet!

  26. Tasha says:

    I think his nose makes him look distinguished, & I love Owen Wilson, nothing will make me stop.. Owen rules!google

    I love him too. Personally, I think his nose looks great on him, not so good on me. ;)

  27. Cassie says:

    Owen is extremely attractive okay… the nose works on him… he just wouldn’t be the Owen Wilson people know and love if he had a different nose. He would look to much like Luke….

  28. yuly says:

    no entiendo un pedo alguien me puede traducir esta pagina?

  29. Emma says:

    i htink hes hot, just my opinion =]
    haha im jk but hes not ugly

  30. licia says:

    i think he is hot you are just jealous
    that’s my opinion and i think that im rigth

  31. Anonymous says:

    hahahahaha….that’s funny dream…

  32. Web Dir says:

    Owen looks GREAT

  33. sofia says:

    we lo amo, es uno de los hombres mas sexy que vi en mi vidaaaaaaaaaaaaa por dios!
    me encanta su boquita es parecida a la de jonh lennonnnnnnn ME ENCANTAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. rebeca says:

    owen wilson is the best !!! I love him !! He´s very nice guy

  35. fatima says:

    wilsoooooooooooooooon,i love you aloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot

  36. kev says:

    it’s just my dirty mind I guess: his nose resembles a penis.

  37. lala says:

    owen is one of the sexiest guys on the planet. his nose is fine-it makes him unique,(everyone is different thats what makes them special- jlo has curvy booty, angelina has full lips, amanda seyfriend and dominic cooper have big beautiful eyes, julia has big smile) i think hes beautiful!

  38. lala says:

    also he can get any beautiful woman he wants- the ladies love him

  39. Electrician says:

    Owen is the best

  40. sara says:

    owen wilson es un actor muy atractivo y tiene una nariz es muy hermosa

  41. sara says:

    owen es un actor muy guapo y es muy querido por todos


  42. none says:

    his nose looks like a messed penis

  43. Electrician says:

    He is Handsome for me

  44. Painter says:

    I find him attractive with his nose

  45. owen wilson is the best !!! I love him !! He´s very nice guy

  46. I love him too. Just saw “Midnight In Paris.” He was fantastic.

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