Just for the Record, Pizza Hut Sucks.

I know that in the grand scheme of things, this is not important. I know that there are people who have problems, real problems like gingivitis and adjustable rate mortgages. But I have to get this out of my system, so please bear with me.

Pizza Hut, I hate you. I know I should never order from a place with the word “hut” in it, but it was snowing last night and we had no food in the house. We had a little money reserved, and I wanted hot wings. Delivered.

Which part of “$15.99 Large Supreme Pizza Plus 10 Wings” do you not understand? Apparently, none of it, because here is what we got:

One rock hard, cold pizza completely devoid of sauce, a handful of veggies tossed around for color, and a few chunks of chicken. I swear to God, the crust had cinnamon in it. A lot of cinnamon. I hadn’t eaten anything for two days (since I’d been sick) so I did eat some, but then I spent most of the night studying the painting on the far wall of the bathroom, from my vantage point on the commode.

And why was the box poked full of holes? On the top, the bottom, the sides. It looked like Norman Bates had mistaken it for Janet Leigh. Listen up: someone with a large knife and a grudge against cardboard is working in your restaurant. I have photos here as evidence.

Invisible hot wings. Not a damned wing in sight, and that’s all I wanted. I did not want chicken-cinnamon pizza.

3 little bottles of Pepsi, because they were out of the two-liters.

All for the low, low price of $25.

I hate you.

I called the manager who said something meaningful, like, “Oh, sorry. You should never order online.” For some reason, this did not console me, so I clicked the “Contact Us” link on their website to do some griping. Apparently at Pizza Hut headquarters, they’ve figured out this brilliant way to keep their customer complaints to a minimum. They ask a bunch of questions, then you type your grievances into a comment box. When you click “send” to register your complaint, nothing happens. A message pops up which tells you to stop entering invalid characters. After trying for about 45 minutes, I realized that they consider letters of the alphabet invalid characters. So, I looked up their toll-free number and called the bastards.

A very nice girl listened to my tale of woe, and summoning all of her customer service training, empathized with me, and repeated my complaint back to me. “Ma’am, I’m so sorry that your order was wrong your pizza was cold and had no sauce and chicken on it and that you did not get your coupon. We’ll have a member of the team call you tomorrow.” I haven’t heard a word.

You know, if during that very first call, the manager had said something to the effect of, “Gosh, I’m sorry that this happened to you,” I might have forgotten the whole deal. But nooooo. Keep in mind that I was all emotional from being sick, I hadn’t eaten in quite a while, and this was a huge financial decision for us at this time in history. I’ve never cried over hot wings before, but since the food they delivered tasted like the cook may have been suffering from an LSD flashback, I did get really upset. If someone doesn’t call me soon, I’m contacting the big cheese, Mr. Hut, directly.

I know that this has been a bleak and depressing blog post, so to make it up to you, here is a very short video of the Pizza Hut Dancers. Maybe I should have ordered from New Delhi.

By the way, if you google “Pizza Hut sucks,” it returns 178,000 hits. Oh wait. When I hit the publish button on this post, it will be 178,001. Here we go….

Update: A very nice guy named Chad called me a little while ago. He apologized for the five day delay in getting back to me. Apparently, he’s an area manager and had some emergencies going on. Anyway, he gave us a $25 credit and a sincere sounding apology. He could not explain the holes in the box. The cinnamon taste was because they apparently cut our pizza with the same cutting implement that they use on their cinnamon sticks, the chicken was because they gave us the wrong order, and the winglessness was due to computer problems. Whew! Anyway, that’s the end of the story for now. Just wanted to let you know that I did hear back from them. I would rather have had a refund, but this is at least something.

83 thoughts on “Just for the Record, Pizza Hut Sucks.

  1. Brian says:

    You should complain at the highest level you can. Those franchises can have their licenses pulled for not taking care of business, since everything they do reflects on the company as a whole.

    Sorry it turned out so bad for you, but maybe you can help make a difference for the unwitting customer who orders from them tomorrow. ;)

  2. Red says:

    Doh! And their wngs are pretty tasty, too! Damn them! Damn them to heck! I do hope you get something out of it, because Im sure you’re not the only one it happens/ed to either.

    Mister is really good at complaining when it comes to stuff like this. Me, not so much. But he can go in and complain and come out with money and free stuff and apologies, and the next time we go in, they call us by name and kiss our ass. His majical statement after complaining is, “So now what are you going to do about it?” And it works!

  3. Little Miss says:

    If I recall correctly, they are owned by Pepsico. You could complain there as well. Too bad I no longer work for them (Pepsico) or I’d find a name for you. Seriously.

    And it sucks when you are so hungry to get cheated this way. Chicken cinnamon pizza? Ewww. Good my daughter didn’t get that pizza because she is allergic to cinnamon. Or if she did get it we could have sued, and could have split the settlement with you. Ya, that’s the deal. Send the pizza here.

  4. gypsy-heart says:

    I am so sorry you deserve so much better! It is good to “hear” you bitching again though for that means you are feeling better…eh?
    If I lived near you I would personally deliver you some wings!!
    Keep on bitching girl…it is good for you (and for us..laughter is the best med).

  5. tammyrenee says:

    I have to say that our pizza hut rocks! I can only think of a couple times that they got our order wrong, but it was never anything major. Once they fixed a pan crust instead of a thin and since we “carried out” they flipped the box open to get our approval and Brian noticed right away, but not only did they fix us the right order in 10 minutes, but gave us the one they got wrong, too, (at no extra charge) and “credited our account” $10 for the wait. They also keep extra coupons behind the counter and offer them to customers who don’t have one. Needless to say, business is good for those folks! I have a theory… perhaps the delivery guy was the following behind your hubby when he lost the green sofa and he’s never gotten over the horror so this was how he exacted his revenge…. stabbing your pizza box and eating your wings.

  6. randomyriad says:

    Wow! Talk about your fast food nightmares. Maybe it’s more about the dancing than the food service? Those guys must have practiced all night to get that good. Sorry about your lack of wings and psycho pizza experience. Things like this could keep me up at night just wondering what the hell happened.

  7. Wendy says:

    This is outrageous! These chains are supposed to be something we can count on for a good, hot, and reasonably priced meal when we’re tired and want someone to cook for us. AND THEY’RE AWFUL! This is like that horrendous Carrino’s pizza I got, and then last week we got Dominoes and it was also very bad. I’m going to do something about this. Seriously. Maybe I’ll start a blog where people can come and complain about these awful chains and post photos of their terrible food.

  8. cantueso says:

    I also feel very sorry for those 25 dollars you spent on a pizza. I would have thought that with about 5 dollars you could buy a big lettuce, a nice loaf of bread and some ham or veal cold cuts to make a great supper. 25 dollars for a pizza! 200 dollars for a box of very special screws! (David’s story)

  9. Maxine says:

    Thank the Almighty God for Papa Johns, which put the Pizza Hut (which, strangely, is in a strip mall and not a hut in the ghetto (cue the backup singers – in the ghetto) out of business. Now, our coupons work, we can order on line, our orders are right and they arrive earlier than promised.

    I’m partial to the barbecue bacon and chicken with no onions on thin crust, although I tend to eat the whole damned thing in one sittin’.

    As Red would say, fuck Pizza Hut, those cunts.


  10. Abbe says:

    Or just skip the dancers completely and move right to the new deli…

    paint watching sucks…sorry you had to go through that!


  11. kirbyann says:

    I started a city wide boycott of Pizza Hut a few weeks ago. I ordered a pizza online and it took and hour and half for me to get it, on top of that it was really cold and looked like it was my large pizza’s little brother.

    Down with the Hut! Down with the Man!

  12. texangal says:

    Listen, I work at a Pizza Hut in my town and we’ve never done anything like this, or anything close. If the pizza was that bad you should have taken it back and demanded a refund.
    Now, we have given tpeople the wrong order or something to that effect, but when they call to complain we either send out a new pizza or give them credit for that price on their next order, we never ignore them. That really sucks for you, sorry.

  13. CuriousC says:

    I wish I could boycot Pizza Slut but I’m not sure if we even have any around where I live… They certainly won’t deliver… I’m confident that I’m outside their ‘radius’. In fact, I guess you might think it’s cool that we dont have very many if any pizza chains around. No Papa Johns, no Papa Murphys (oh crap, now I’m craving pizza…)

  14. CuriousC says:

    oh FYI: Results 1 – 10 of about 180,000 for pizza hut sucks. (0.31 seconds) in google. And YOUR BLOG is 7th on the list! woo hoo!

  15. Kris says:

    i hate pizza hut for the same reason too. however i let it go and never called anyone, and just sat quietly, venting in my head. i didn’t get MY wings either OR the breadsticks – HOWEVER, they did remember the extra container of breadstick topping that i requested. DOWN WITH THE HUT… we could have a battle of the huts… jabba and pizza. jabba would have pizza down in no time… though, i’m sure he’d have to regurgitate them.

  16. honorarynewfie says:

    Oh lucky me, not a Pizza Hut anywhere to be seen around here. :-)

    I would go down there (at their busiest time, of course), slap the remains down hard on the counter and say in a VERY loud voice…. “Here’s the last of the crap you sent us the other night, now are you going to do anything about our complaint or do we sue your sorry asses from here to Christendom ?”

    Usually works…

  17. @ Brian: Hi you! Yeah, I’m going to make some more calls. My inclination is to forget the whole thing. It is after all, just a measly pizza order. But now we’re getting into the principal of the thing. I hate being BS’d. I’m going to call the customer service line again, and tell them I want to talk to a honcho.

    @ Red: Doh and damn! I I need to hire your mister to come out here and muss them up. I’m sure that they’ll send me some token coupons in the mail, but I want them to keep their word. I want them to pretend that they give a crap.

    @ LM: I’ve never heard of a cinnamon allergy. Wow! The part of the pizza we didn’t eat is now in the trash, but I like the idea of suing them for millions of dollars. Mental duress and all of that. I will find someone to call today. Maybe I really will get in touch with Mr. Hut.

    @ gypsy-heart: I must be feeling better, huh? I wish you lived closer too. You could bring wings and one of your wonderful paintings for me to look at while I ate them!

    @ tammyrenee: I think you might be onto something with your sofa theory! Maybe he’s been waiting all this time to exact his revenge.

    The way you described your Pizza Hut is what makes a business a good one. Treating your customers well keeps them happy and coming back. It seems so simple. I’ll never understand why some of them just don’t get it.

    @ RM: Those Pizza Hut Dancers are fabulous. Apparently, all of the Pizza Huts in India have a “dancing” corner, and they all do this. Frankly, I think this is to take people’s mind off of the cinnamon in the pizza crust, which is a great idea.

    @ Wendy: I love your idea about a chain restaurant complaint blog. Mistakes happen, and it’s never a big deal when you know that they’re doing their best to correct it. When they act like this one did, it just rubs pizza sauce into the wound. It is like your Carrino’s experience. It’s frustrating with pizza, because usually that’s a more expensive “food to go” process, and you wait longer, because you’re expecting something that’s worth waiting for. I know this sounds stupid, but it really was supposed to be kind of a special treat. Tom didn’t want me to have to cook, and he’d just made his first sale. We did do a toast with our little bottles of Pepsi, which was nice.

    @ cantueso: Thanks. $25 is a big expenditure for some people, and it definitely is for us these days. Yes, we could have bought groceries, but we ordered out because of the snowstorm.

    @ Maxine: LOL! “In the words of the immortal Red…” She’s very quotable, isn’t she? Next time, we’ll try Papa John’s.

    @ Abee: “New Deli.” I love it! If the painting was a van Gogh or something, it wouldn’t have been so bad, but it’s one of mine, and it’s just not that interesting.

    @ kirbyann: “it looked like it was my large pizza’s little brother.” I love it! Down with the man! Down with Mr. Hut!

    @ texangal: Thanks for understanding. I couldn’t take it back– the snow, the sickness, etc. That’s why I called them. Your PH sounds much better than this one, and I’ll bet they would have handled it better. With a chain restaurant, you just expect certain things– that the food will taste a certain way, your order will arrive within a reasonable amount of time, and that it will be correct. If it’s not, they usually make it right, or at least try. It should never be a bad experience, because it makes everyone feel bad all around. We take for granted those fifty delicious correct orders, but we never forget one horrendous experience. If they had handled this right, they would have had my business for years to come (they’ve had it in the past). Because of this, I’ll never be back again. It’s a shame.

    @ C: I think it’s very cool that you have no chains around you, but they sure do come in handy in a pinch!

    7th???? Oh my gosh, they probably have my Theda photo on a dartboard at Pizza Hut headquarters right now.

    @ Kris: I seldom complain, but this was a little over the top for me. And the fact that it was sort of a major financial decision at the time made it worse. And I HATE being lied to.

    Somewhere on this blog is a story about a horrible experience we had a McDonald’s once. There was a gun involved, and we stayed to comfort a traumatized cashier, and hung around for about an hour at their request to make a witness statement. In the confusion, we also paid twice for our order. I called their headquarters to make sure that they gave the girl some kind of commendation, and provided training in case this happened again.

    The rep said, “of course, we want to thank you by sending you coupons (which I told her wasn’t necessary, but she insisted), and we’ll have a manager call you.” I did get the call from a very defensive manager, and we never did get the coupons. It’s the lie I remember most.

    I love your slogan. “Jabba” could be our new term for “boycott.” JABBA THE HUT!!!

  18. iodanu says:

    See why I buy 6 frozen pizza’s for 10 CAD from the superkarket? I can add some extre cheese, some peppers and other spices (not cinnamon though) and it’s very good… For 25 USD I could buy 15 pizzas and eat 2 weeks…

  19. Elton Pacheco says:

    $ 25 for dollars for a pizza and pepsi? lol In my coin, we can have a brillant dinner at some nice restaurant. But, guess what where do i come from? If you do, I send you a brand new pizza… hut. :d

    Ok, that’s why pizza hut is so expensive – they always have someone to buy.
    And I am one of them. :D

    Try it again, I’ve always been lucky with Pizza Hut delivering sistem.
    Kisses to u.


  20. QuakerDave says:

    If you should never order online, then why, pray tell, do they allow you to do so?

    Stick with small local indies. The pizza is always better there anyway. Pizza Glutton pizza is gross.

    (By the the way, this is a WordPress “Hawt Post” today!)

  21. Heather says:

    Dearest Moonie, you should go to the planetfeedback.com website.
    It is free to join and I usually get a call back from who ever I complain about.
    Also stick to Papa John’s their Tuscan Six Cheese pizza is orgasmic.

  22. @ ion: I agree. Grocery store pizza would have been far cheaper. See note about illness and empty shelves.

    @ Elton: That’s the thing. Had it not been for the snowstorm, we could have had a romantic dinner for two at some nice restaurant. $25 for what we got sort of flipped me out. We should have saved the trouble and just flushed the twenty-five bucks.

    @ Quaker Dave: That’s what I was wondering. I’ve almost always ordered online. It’s more convenient, there’s usually no error in our order, and there are all kinds of “online coupons,” one of which I was trying to use. I will stick with the indies. “Pizza Glutton” is a hilarious name! Soon there will be things like “Taco Trough” and “Burger Blowout.”

    Hawt Post? Really? I didn’t see me, but wow– nice that it was there.

    @ Heather: Thanks! I’ll head over to that site. Tom dislikes Papa J’s, but I’m sure he realizes now that anything’s preferable to P Hut.

  23. I came upon your blog serendipitously to-day. While I wouldn’t want to make light of your situation, I do want to thank you for posting about it–I really needed a good laugh to-day and you came through for me. Funny stuff. Really funny stuff.

  24. alyssasudds says:

    Gezz that is terrible, it reminds me of my Taco Bell stories I write on my blog. I hate Pizza Hut also, they never know what they are doing, nor can they ever deliver on time. I hope the next pizza company you order from gives you your hot wings. Instead of ‘Pizza Hut’, they should be called, ‘Pizza Shit.’ Sorry about the language, but what they did was wrong.

  25. alyssasudds says:

    Heres the link about the Taco Bell stories if you are ever interested… sorry I don’t ever post my link places I just thought you might get a laugh after your Pizza Hut experience.


  26. @ ninepoundhammer: Welcome! I’m glad you made your way here, and glad I gave you a laugh. At least something good came of this experience!

    @ alyssasudds: I read all four rounds of your Taco Bell fiasco. Hilarious! I do feel better now. Thanks!

  27. Adam says:

    It’s hard to deal with inconsistent quality and service, isn’t it? There’s hardly anything more frustrating.

    It’s a comfort for me to know that the Pizza Hut we have here in Salem is always really lousy on both fronts. If I’m ever in the mood for a tardy, scorched, cold pizza, I know exactly who to call. And you know what? If I ever complain about said pizza, they’re actually very good about sending another really bad pizza my way in just 2-5 hours.

  28. Lucky says:

    That freaking sucks! Chicken-cinnamon pizza sounds DISGUSTING!!!!

    Your Pizza Hut must be full of eff-tards. I ordered from them last night too and my order was perfect. I even ordered online. I tried the new cheese crispy crust pizza. It was to die for. I had leftovers tonight. :D

    Start feeling better Lady!!!

  29. @ Adam: Wow! Only 3-5 hours? That’s AMAZING!

    @ Lucky: Stop teasing me like that!

    (I am starting to feel LOTS better! Thank you!)

  30. joanharvest says:

    Years ago we used to have a Pizza Hut here in town, I ate their pizza once and it sucked big time and I never ever ate it again. It was just a plain cheese pizza, but it was the worse pizza I have ever eaten.

    They went out of business finally because I guess everyone else in town hated their pizza.

    I sympathize with you. When you’re waiting for delivery and you’re hungry, you just want something good to eat and when it sucks it can make a person crazy.

    I’d keep harassing them until you talk to someone higher up on the food chain. And I would ask for my money back because you don;’t want a coupon because you plan on never eating there again.

  31. @ Joan: Thanks for the sympathy. It was frustrating, but I’m calming down a little. They still haven’t called my, but I posted on the site that Heather recommended, and I feel much better!

    I’ve got insomnia, and I’m probably going to go play multieight. If you read this and you’re up for it, head on over!

  32. ~m says:

    I’m sorry but this post did make me laugh. It does suck when you get service like this.
    I stopped eating at Pizza Hut long, long ago.
    It was at lunchtime that I went with my wife and daughters.
    The pizza crust tasted like the cardboard that you mentioned (actually, the cardboard was probably tastier) We sent stuff back, bitched and moaned to no avail.
    The kicker came when one of my daughters looked inside her crimson red plastic cup and said, “What’s that, Dad?”
    As I peered into the cup I saw congealed fat sleeping down near the bottom.
    It was gross and totally disgusting.
    I asked for the manager and went ballistic. Needless to say, I didn’t pay for a damn thing and we left hungry. That was the day me and Pizza Hut said goodbye.
    Makes you wonder about their commercials. What a bunch of false advertising and bullshit.
    Great post. Next time go to Papa Gino’s. The pizza is still not too bad . . .


  33. thegirlfromtheghetto says:

    In my spare time, I write letters of complaint. This past month I received $20 of coupons from Sunny-D & a $59 refund from Massage Envy. It is my job to fight “The Man” as I DETEST BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. So, here is what you do:

    Get the address and fax # to Pizza Hut. Find a name of a contact person there, such as a director of something. Address letters to him and just the general headquarters. Put “letter of complaint” right on the envelope. Send a letter a day for 1 week. Then you fax your letter twice as well. This is the only way. Phone calls and internet complaints mean nothing. I got lazy w/my last battle J & R Electronics, and thus, nothing happened for me. Don’t give up the battle. Oh, also tell them you emailed 75 people what happened to you and encouraged them to forward the bad service story to all of their friends. And go to the store in person, ask for the manager, and show him a copy of the letter you send, so they will give you something, too.

    Good luck!!

  34. kimiam says:

    sorry about your pizza fiasco. Please don’t starve to death, moonbeam. We’d miss you too much.

  35. David says:

    So you can order pizza on the internet now? Do they outsource this to Bangalore I wonder? Unimaginable! Nice how the restaurant manager tried to blame the ordering method for all the crappy follow-through!!

    That’s tragic about the non-existent wings. Sucks when you look forward to one thing and it’s not even there. :-(

    However, and this may be what the person in Bangalore was thinking as they verified your web order, you could have salvaged the chicken pizza by chopping it all up and making a nice curry!

    Wow on the commentary! Pizza is a very serious subject. As is customer service. Go people!

  36. @~m: Glad to “see” you! When I read the ominous words, “What’s that, Dad?” I was almost afraid to continue. Yick!

    That’s thing about pizza– you usually order it when you’re starving, and you wait longer to get it than you would some other “food to go” place. So when you receive your cold, burnt, cardboard-tasting pie, you realize that to take it back will take another 45 minutes and by then, you’ll have withered away into nothingness. Suddenly, that disgusting looking circle in front of you starts looking better.

    It’s difficult finding a place that will brave our neighborhood to deliver a pizza (I always tip handsomely because of this). There is one other place I can think of, and next time, we’ll give them a try. No coupons, no online ordering, but I’ll bet it will be a better experience.

    @ ghetto girl: Too much work!!!! It’s not worth it to me. I did edit this post and copied it to the site that Heather recommended. That’s enough venting for now. I can’t keep a grudge long enough to get compensated!

    @ kimiam: Thanks! No worry about starving to death. It’s been snowing, so if worse comes to worse, we’ll just go on the sno-cone diet for a while!

    @ David: Ooooh curry! I wonder if they have curry pizza in India. It would go down nicely while watching the Pizza Hut Dancers.

    I’ve been loving these comments! Apparently, we consumers take our pizza very seriously.

  37. Narnie says:

    Y’see, I don’t let the pizza man out of my sight till Ive checked he’s delivered the right stuff. One time, I even made him sit down and watch how I pulled it apart to prove that they had put tomato sauce on it, when I had specifically asked for just cheese. Come back with another? No. Sod off, Im not paying and I will ring Domino’s. Tell Domino’s what a TERRIBLE order you’ve just refused from pizza hut and how you are sure THEIRS will be much much better and they will FALL over themselves to get you the best damned pizza just to prove you right. Now, this process takes a little longer but does guarantee a better eating experience. Just don’t give my trade secret away, ok? hahahaha….

  38. mittins says:

    hahaha you need to school these pizza hut knuckleheads ! in my country we have a place called hells pizza. these mofos treat me right. when you place an order, tell them you are ordering for your sick child who is allergic to all kinds of ingredients. make them list every ingredient in their pizza for you to check off. the more you frighten them with the prospect of killing a child with their pizza, the more care they will take in your order ! also, if they get it wrong, you can call them up from the emergency ward and let your frustrations out with some hot tears.

  39. @ mittins: What country is Hell’s Pizza in? I want some– NOW! I love the “my child is allergic” angle. I will definitely give this a try. And I’ll add, “My child is allergic to cardboard boxes that have had twenty-five holes punched in them with a butcher knife.”

    I’m glad you stopped by with such great advice!

  40. mittins says:

    hahaha i forgot to say i love that you took photos of the box. that is right up my alley. i take photos of all the food injustices that come my way. i like the idea that i am collecting evidence. also, lately i have taken to shaking my head at strangers when i feel they have let me down. im gaining momentum in 08.

    oh and hells pizza is in new zealand. i think the website is http://www.gotohell.co.nz ! i would like some garlic bread, please.

    Mittins, I’ve always wanted to go to New Zealand, and now I have yet another reason. Thank you.

    I’m glad that you’re documenting your food injustices. And head shaking never worked for me as a parent, but maybe you’ll have better luck with it with the general public.

    I keep meaning to tell you how much I love your blog. I mean, I really love it. It makes me happy. I don’t leave comments very often, but you’re on my blogroll, and I’m a faithful reader.

  41. Perry says:

    Yea, Pizza Hut’s customer service is non-existent. My wife and I along with our two teenage sons ordered two large pizzas (dine in) and waited almost an hour to get them. When the waitress brought them she dumped half of one on my son’s lap and the floor while spilling his drink on him. My wife paid the bill and I found out after we left they charged her full price, thirty-eight buck and change. I went on Pizza Hut’s website and left my story. They responded three days later that they would mail me some coupons. I never received them so I sent another complaint and never did receive an answer or the coupons. Pizza Hut sucks!

    Also, a couple of years ago the kids in my son’s class at school (about 20 kids) got coupons for a free Personal Pan Pizza through the Book-It program. My wife volunteered and they went, as a class to redeem their reward and the local Pizza Hut wouldn’t let them all use them at once. Apparently they expect the whole family to come in with each kid so them can profit off of the kid’s reward. Did I mention that Pizza Hut really sucks?!!

    Perry, I’m so glad you came by and added your two cents. Yeah, I’ll be holding my breath for my coupons too. Your Pizza Hut makes ours sound like a paragon of organization and delicious food. I can’t believe they’d turn away an entire class. Can’t they understand how it effects their business when they do stuff like that? No, I guess not.

  42. the experience which happened to me was unbelieveable. have been a loyal patron since they started delivering around Jan of 1988. Have ordered atleast 4000 dollars worth of pizza from them since but most likely more. anyhow, a few days back i call and ask for 36 dollars worth of food but I have never ordered that 3 medium pizzas for 15 dollar deal before so I ask the girl “but it has to be pan. is it pan? i won’t eat anything but pan” And the girl reassures me it is definitely pan. which, ofcourse, it was not. So, they said since it took 80 minutes for my order to get there and the pizza was freezing when it got here and was not pan pizza but was the other kind and all the other stuff I ordered though came out okay and I called and said, “there has been a mistake. this is not pan pizza. then this girl shouts to another girl “did u tell her it was pan?’ and the girl yelled back” yeah, I guess I did. sorry about that” I said sorry was not good enough and I wanted to be reimbursed. this has happened to me atleast 3 other times at pizza hut where if they screwed up my order they would give me credit on the next order. so, they said with the tax and all and cos it was cold and all they’d give me credit of 17 dollars on my next order and they would put it down in computer. I trusted them cos as I said, this has happened atleast 3 other times in the past where they did give me the credit for next order. so when I decide to call for the 17 dollars worth of pizza; the manager says “there’s nothing in our records.” and slams the phone down. So, I contact national headquarters and tell them about how I have many proofs. I have computer read outs from my bank statement showing how many pizzas I have ordered since May the 1st and I also have 2 witnesses-my 26 yr old daughter and my mom who emailed me and said something like ‘cool, you’re gonna get 17 dollars worth of free pizza next time? i’m coming over” and stuff like this in the emails. also, I have the subordinate who works at the actual pizza hut who still admits to making the mistake. still, the manager won’t budge. I decide to call headquarters in Phoenix. I tell them everything. I tell them the guy was very rude, which restaurant it was, how I started to actually cry when he called me a liar cos I never lie, and I let them know that if I don’t have a 20 dollar check for my pain and suffering within 100 hrs I am traveling up to headquarters 13 miles north and am not leaving the place till they give me atleast 20 dollars. I will be polite, I will be humble, I will be almost docile, but I will refuse to leave without the money. I will never raise my voice but I will stand my ground and remain assertive. After a while if they still don’t give me what I want; I will call the news crews from t.v and elaborate on everything. I will tell them it is not the money that is as important as it is that this guy should not be managing a restaurant if he treats customers that way. I will tell the news crews that the security guards in the bldging are beginning to give me the evil eye so I believe there is going to be an arrest and i want the headlines to read “52 yr old woman arrested because she was promised $17 worth of food from pizza hut and they literally did not deliver” (yes, the pun IS definitely intended) anyone who lives in Phoenix be on the look out because I will be doing this sometimes next week-most likely either Tuesday or Wed. Today is the 10th of July, 2008. yes, I am going to give the news crew the headline and everything. aren’t I generous? as I said, the money is not important. what is important is that this guy is still over there working as a manager and I still haven’t been reimbursed and I have proven it 6 different ways that this happened and even with the proof nobody cares. So, if anyone lives in Phoenix and wants to see a 52 yr old woman be arrested (and don’t forget she wrote her own headlines for the newspapers as well); I’ll be at 8700 East Via De Ventura in Scottsdale, Az. either Tuesday or Wednesday. You see, I am still waiting for some corporate people over there to get back to me and am giving them the benefit of the doubt until I go to the extreme of having myself arrested due to my principles. I have always believed in my convictions and when something doesn’t seem just or ethical to me I become very outspoken and stand my ground. Whether or not the ground just happens to be jail. Hey, I’ll still have the headlines and my 15 minutes of fame. What the hell.

    Wow, Melanie– you’re going to be the pizza equivalent of those people who chain themselves to buildings or climb giant redwoods to keep them from being chopped down! I’m going to be checking the news for you!

    Pizza Hut eventually did call me back and they made good on their promise, but I did make sure to get the manager’s name who promised the credit. I used it, but I’ll never go back, because I think they’re just too inconsistent. I recommend that you complain on planetfeedback.com, which someone on this site recommended. It’s a great way to vent, and I believe that the corporate guys really read it. Good luck!!!!

  43. Jeff Hunt says:

    They suck BIG TIME…just ordered from locally in North Port, FL …no problems….took approximately 45 min to an hour for delivery….was given a tota of $16.58 upon ordering….actually wrote the check when they were on the phone…upon delivery, was told that they did not accept checks….well, AT DELIVERY IS THE WRONG TIME TO TELL ME THAT!!!!…so I had the delivery person call his supervisor, who said that they would accept the check, but it would be the LAST TIME for that….I have never had a bad check anywhere in the last 10 yrs…..or ever from Pizza Hut…..nor did they have any reason to belive that in the first place…..so I had the delivery person call the supervisor back and I told him that this was the ABSOLUTE LAST TIME I WILL EVER ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN….I WILL ORDER FROM PAPA JOHNS OR DOMINOS OR ANYONE ELSE EXCEPT THEM..I WORK FOR A REPUTABLE AIR CONDITIONING COMPANY IN SARASOTA FLORIDA, AND I WILL RECOMMEND TO EVERY PERSON THAT I KNOW TO NEVER ORDER FROM PIZZA HUT!!!!!….Someone needs to learn how to manage a large corporation with customer service skills.

  44. Ryan says:

    The cx service link on pizzahut.ca is the highest level you can go to, the call center is paid to deal with your complaints. The share holders arent going to call you back and listen to your complaint. Your better off talking to the area manager, if you actually willing to get off your ass and go to the store and inquire how to contact him. But I agree pizza hut does suck, I laugh at idiots who spend a ton of $$ on crappy pizza. If they had any brains they would go to the grocery store.

  45. Ryan says:

    Jeff Hunt: no one accepts checks anymore, anyone knows that!!!

  46. ADAM says:


  47. Elizabeth says:

    I completely understand your predicament with your unsatisfactory food and less than timely service. However, starting a slanderous blog to defamate ANY company is extremely juvenile (I do not believe this was the original intention). It invites immature statements and lewd language. (such as slut and dick) that severely affects the ethical reputation of your blog. It brings it to the level that the particular restaurant you ate from now has.

    Take this experience as a lesson to be weary of restaurants you are unfamiliar with, and should you be dissatisfied take the necessary action to but caution against taking to the Internet. It is a gateway for intolerable people who become engrossed in another topic to complain about.

    Please, next time you start a blog, do so with discretion. It was extremely well written and dictated candidly, but the situation you experienced is minimal in the scope of life. Handle the situation how you saw appropriate and dismiss it. Publicly defaming an everyday occurrence does not improve the situation.

    To set the record straight, this isn’t a “slanderous blog to defamate (sic)” anyone. This is a blog about all sorts of things that happen in my life (if you read more than just that post, you’ll see this)– and on this particular occassion, what happened in my life is that Pizza Hut sucked. If you read it in it’s entirety, you’ll note that I also included the fact that, in the end, they did a fairly decent job of trying to correct the situation.

    I have no regrets at all about this post, and typically, I do not edit comments, so I’m okay with others who’ve had similar experiences venting here. It’s a good way for them to let off steam, and it seems pretty harmless to me.

    I do use a great deal of discretion with this blog, but I do thank you for your thoughtful comments, and for stopping by.

  48. Robert says:

    Pizza Hut does suck. A year ago, I got fed up of ordering a pizza about every month or two and having it delivered cold and taking over an hour from ordering it. I emailed corporate and got a “i’m sorry coupon”. I used it a couple of weeks ago just before expiration and I thought they had their stuff together – the pizza was hot, delivered in 30 minutes.

    I decided Friday to order a Panormous pizza. I placed my order online and they called to say they are out. I ordered tonight (Saturday) and once again they were out. Both orders happened at 6pm, so it’s not like I waited until late in the evening to order.

    I think I’ll be stupid and try once again tomorrow night. If they call me back tomorrow night, I’m going to try to get ballsy and see if I can get them to give me a gift card as a “sorry” or maybe a couple of large pan pizzas for no additional charge than what I ordered.

    I don’t know why Pizza Hut is so mismanaged – usually cold pizza, usually delivery time over an hour (they may have those licked now, I don’t know) and why they run out of certain kinds of crusts so early in the evening.

    I’m thinking more and more of grocery story pizza or papa murphy pizza for all future pizza purchaes. No “out of stock” BS, they are never cold when consumed and they can be made in an oven in under 15 minutes and cost less to buy.

  49. Tony says:

    I had a lousy experience there with their buffet. My wife and I took our two year old around 1:30 on a Friday to get some lunch. They took our drink order but never presented us with a menu or asked if we wanted the buffet. We assumed they must of thought we’d do the buffet, so we went ahead and picked up some items. How disappointing it was to see only two breadsticks left and no cheese pizza (we didn’t want to give the two year old a lot of toppings). We had already eaten a fair amount of the food from the first trip to the buffet when a second worker came over to re-ask for our drink order. After the drinks finally came, I went for a second look at the buffet and found the breadsticks were still MIA and there was no cheese pizza. I got a few more items to try to give our daughter something to eat. Meanwhile, we finished our drinks to no avail getting a refill. I went once more to check for breadsticks or cheese pizza for the little one, but still nothing. I did get some of their dessert pizza for us all, only to find it was too hot for either my wife or I to enjoy and way too hot for our kid. Never got a refill, never got our bill even. I went up front and they asked “everything okay”… I guess I’m too nice to have told them up front that their service was lousy and their food sucked… instead, I just said “well…” and gave a less than happy stare at the cashier. I signed the credit slip and emphatically wrote “NO” in the tip line and decided to add Pizza Hut to my sh*t list for 2009… I don’t plan to go back there!

  50. cat doggy says:

    Pizza Hut was good many years ago, but started cutting the amount of cheese and sauce on there pizza. Now its just bread with a dash of sauce and a pinch of cheese. It sucks. I worked at Pizza Hut for many years and now I know for fact that I would wrather have my throat slit then eat that crap.

  51. Beth says:

    Oh….this is SO FUNNY! It is so similar to our experiences. I googled “Pizza Hut sucks” after our latest experience and found your page. Thanks for the comedy relief! My husband and I laughed out loud FOREVER at your story.

    Our Pizza Hut sucks so bad but we continue to go there. We love The Natural. (Papa John’s whole wheat crust doesn’t taste as good to us.) We had another really horrible experience tonight and again filled out a complaint form online (limiting my characters, of course.) After three attempts, my comment was accepted on the website. So now we’ll wait to see who calls us. This seems to be what we have to do now. Pay full price, talk to the temporary manager for this month, get a credit, suffer another bad experience….

    The store told us they are a franchise and since the website is corporately owned, the computers don’t “talk to each other.” (WHAT?!?! Oh my gosh…we die laughing every time after one of these ordeals. IT’S ALWAYS SOME NEW EXCUSE!) Why is the store name listed on the list of locations on the website then? That makes absolute no frickin’ sense.

    After we use this next credit that we get, I think we are really truly done with Pizza Hut for good. It’s been exhausting. No pizza is worth all this.

  52. Marisa says:

    please make us pizza hut sucks hater #178,002. This is the 3rd time we have ordered from Pizza Hut and they screwed up the order. They are 0 for 3. Why offer wings in 40 ct if you can only count to 9 AND only if you count a deep fried factional size piece of gizzard as a wing. (At least I hope it was a gizzard because if not I think I am going to throw up.). Pizza Hut three chances and $150 later, you are off our delivery list. Enough said.

  53. Michael says:

    I found this page through Google and it seems Pizza Hut is just as bad here in Australia as it is in America, I must thank them for the food poisoning, i really enjoyed it immensely. Never ordering it again.

  54. Dennis says:

    I too have had horrible experiences @ Pizza Butt. My worst was a weeknight delivery around midnight. I worked second shift and had a coupon which I found out while placing the order was not acceptable. There was some fine print issue such as “with the purchase of a $25.00 pizza” I had not noticed. Anyhow, I wanted a medium and they were out of medium prepared dough balls; so I had to upgrade to a large at my expense. When my pizza arrived, the crust had cinnamon all over it. So disgusting, I will eat almost anything but never anything from Pizza Hut again.

  55. Wayne Evanson says:

    We here in Taos New Mexico can easily claim the crappiest Pizza in the country.
    It suck beyond words. This store would make a great Parking Lot, a much better used of the space.

  56. Otis Johnson says:

    The Area Coach runs multiple stores (6-8 stores usually…) So with that in mind, I believe your complaint caused a failry good shakeup in that specific store. I would think if they can figure out who cut the pizza…that person would be fired for cross-contamination. This post seems recent enough so I may be able to give you a little insight as to protocol.

    …The breadsticks are precut once before the proofing process. When you make cinna-stix they are supposed to be cut in half again. The Cut table should onlt be using a spatula to box an order of stix. It sounds like the stix at this store were not prepped correctly and the Cut Table person had to cut the Cinna-Stix for a previous order at the cut table and did not take the time to change the cutter for the next order. And then the pizza was cold and not right at all. NO EXCUSE.

    All in all, your local Pizza Hut screwed the pooch on multiple fronts. I wouldn’t blame you for not coming back to them.

  57. Erika Nemeth says:

    I was baby sitting my cousins’ children when I called in to place an order. It was raining and I figured it would be easier then trying to going out to eat. An hour went by and I decided to place a call to find out the status on my order. I was then informed that I was out of their delivery area and they would not be delivering to me. I asked why I was not informed of this when I placed my initial order over an hour prior. I was then educated on how it was my responsibility to place the order with the correct Pizza Hut. (WOW) At the very least, I believe I deserved a phone call when they figured out that I was out their delivery area. When I ask to speak to the manager, I was told I needed to call back on Monday. (This was Friday) I got the kids dresses and tracked my way to McDonalds in the rain.

    When I called back on Monday to speak to the manager, I informed her that I had called the 800 who directed me to this location. She told me I was at fault for calling the wrong location. I then placed my complaint on the Pizza Hut Corporate website and never received a return call, email, or letter. (My complaint was made in April.)

    I had always used Pizza Hut for personal events, parties and business gatherings. I am so disappointed with the quality of their services. I have made it a point to tell everyone I meet of the lack of service Pizza Hut provides. I have also including this scenario in my training courses of the Do’s and Don’t of Customer Service.

    Overall, there has been one good thing to come of this. It has been an excellent example of how NOT to treat a customer. It has created long discussions and has lead to creative ways a company should respond & handled situations in order to save a consumer.

    Thank you for your time an EX-Pizza Hut Consumer.

  58. Tod Nins says:

    Nothing has changed. I’ve been trying to order online a pizza from them, and forgot my password. I have been clicking on the I forgot my password button about a hundred times now, and entered my email address as many times, and so far still have received no reply from them on how to reset the password, or a hint, or whatever they are supposed to do. Pizza Hut seems to have a very cavalier attitude towards its customers these days. If they keep it up, I won’t be surprised to see the chain disappear. Its happened before.

  59. D says:

    I work at a local pizza hut and they just lost all respect I had for them.
    I’m a delivery driver, one of the fastest and hardest working individual’s there, and risk management took me off the road because I was recently involved in my first auto accident. Great how its not up to any of the managers but up to someone in some office in another state.

    One car wreck and you lose you job? I scratched my fender, I was even able to complete my shift. With the economy and unemployment as high as it is…talk about fucking ridiculous.

  60. Krunchy says:

    I have to agree that everything about Pizza Slut sucks. Their pizza sauce and crust tastes like they dumped 5 pounds of sugar in it. BLECH! WAAAAAY too sweet. And sorry, but their wings are DISGUSTING. I tried them once, and, uh…where’s the chicken? They were basically bright orange, wing-shaped pieces of breading. Never, ever, EVER AGAIN! Go to hell Pizza Slut and take the crap you make called “food” with you!!!

  61. Chris says:

    Its not even pizza hut anymore, its pizza gimmick. They dont even have commercials for pizza, its pasta, chicken wings and any other 2 bit stupid ass idea the corporate office comes up with (Oh how they know it all) Seriously, $15.99 for a bucket of Mac and Cheese? Oh, you say it has bacon buts in it. Well excuse the hell out of me, I’m so sorry. I totally forgot bacon bits cost $14.00 a pound. Pizza Hut, you can go fuck your self. Your over priced and your food is SHIT. Now pizza hut in the late 80′s was fantastic. We had all our baseball trophy presentations there, but not today. It would cost you $10,000 to feed a team. Pizza Hut is digging there own grave as we speak. 3 have shut down so far in Lynchburg, Va. in the last year. DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  62. pla says:

    very sorry about what happened to you…some similar problem happened to me too. so i kind of understand you and agree that i won’t go back again

  63. Dee says:


  64. DAVE says:


  65. Mr Data says:

    ROFLMAO at all the responses to people who like Pizza Hut food. :o

    Dad who is middle aged has been to several pizza huts and has told me a young adult how horrible their pizzas tase. He said their pizza taste like the cardboard box that comes with it and it’s very thin.

    I didn’t believe him at first but went along with it until I went to my first one up in Wilsonville Oregon Target because I was hungry and desperate and I have to hand it down to you…………………….PIZZA HUT SUCKS LIKE PUCK AND CRAP COMBINED!

    I have been to MANY pizza changes where sometimes I have gotten bad deals but this is the WORST.

    At least at the other restaurants I haven’t had horrible taste just lots of price gouging.

    Also pizzas have shrunk from 10 years ago and the prices have rising. :(

    I mean seriously our little Figaros pizza for 5 years have cut back on sauce and gotten a cheapo brand that has very little flavor but the last year they have gotten their act back together.

  66. Anonymous says:

    At least they delivered you something

  67. Amelia says:

    I came across your blog after hungrily searching “pizza hut sucks”. My pizza hut can get my order right but dominos can deliver twice before pizza hut can get one large pizza to my apartment. In perspective: Pizza hut: About 2miles away.. Dominos: about 6 miles away. The only reason I order from there is the current 10 dollar any pizza deal. After they cancel that, I’m going back to my first love. I would never go in my local pizza hut, the one at home (I’m from NC living in TX) has real plates and cups and silverware. The one down here gives you paper everything and your pizza in a box!! If I wanted that I’d bring it home. At least I have plates! (I feel better about hating them now)

  68. Marco says:

    I applied at pizza hut several months ago and found a bunch of stupid moron kids working there. I worked for several hours at the Longmont Colorado store as a pre-employment trial, cutting pizza’s and making some of them on the prep line. The main boss was a lady who is a real ‘crank’ and was so snooty to me that she made no bones that she was the best pizza person in the world. Although, she did not realize what I bunch of boneheads she had working for her. I was refused the job for some old legal problems from 20 years ago !!!!. These idiots cannot run a store for a major population area on just one person. I have restaurant experience for several years and I’m not some moron kid out of high school. Pizza apparently likes to hire those idiots that still probably pee their beds every night.

  69. Mr F says:

    Most chain-style ‘pizza’ doesn’t taste (and never has tasted) like real pizza anyway… tastes more like a piece of (rusted) chain to me…

    But I digress– why not put your money with your mouth is and stop buying from the chain stores? Find a small M & P who actually cares about getting and keeping your business. Boycut the *#CK*n chains. And if your retort is gonna be: ‘That’s the only thing we’ve got around here’– Then learn to cook for yourself or go back to the chains and let them laugh all the way to piggy circus.

    I’m not quite sure what a piggy circus is, Mr. F, but if there is a lot of laughter involved, I’m all for it. :)

    Seriously, I agree with you- I hate chains, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow. I’d just gotten over an illness, was starving, had no groceries and a coupon, so temptation won out. This happened quite a while back, and I haven’t been back to PH since.

  70. WW III says:

    Hi & congrats to you Moonbeam (from Oz). Granted since your initial post the number of “pizza hut sucks” Google hits has dropped to “only” 132,000 but, YOU are now NUMBER 1 !!!!!! Its funny how things differ from country to country (contact method for complaints) but some still stay the same (same crappy food & service received).

    Here down under in Oz the Hut phone people just pay lip service but at least I can write what I want to the Hut as they supply an e-mail address on their website. When our latest delivery turned up late & cold (as usual for the past couple of months), I commented as such to the driver who agreed with me completely and also said that the store manager sucked & tonight was his last as a driver because of this. I was sorry to hear this because a employee who was this friendly after (more likely than not) putting up with a non stop litany of abuse from pissed off customers is an employee to be cherished & the company will be worse of as a result of losing him. I reckon if he was running the store things would be different (as he seemed to actually give a shit).

    Anyway I doubt that anything substantial will come of my written comments to the Hut tonight about our recent experience & I will let you know if anything out of the ordinary happens (but don’t hold your breath).

    On another note I was (over 15 years ago) such an employee (Pizza Hut delivery driver). To Amelia who posted a comment on Feb 16 2010 about delivery times, when I first started we were told to do our deliveries in a certain order with the last one on a run to always being the customer/order closest to the store.

    Wow, WW, thanks for stopping by and leaving this great comment, and thanks for the stats! I had no idea. Hope Pizza Hut doesn’t put a hit out on me because of this ranking, but I feel that if they do, it’ll be okay, because they’ll be hours late and I’ll have time to escape.

    I haven’t eaten at Pizza Hut since this incident, and of course I’m over the whole thing, but judging from the number of responses to this post, it seems that a lot of people have had a P Hut horror story to recount. I’m so sorry about that driver.

    Thanks again for your comments!

  71. bill says:

    I agree they used to be good, but ever since they changed there recipe they really suck i stopped using them, and there new big size pizza really sucked i returned the pizza and bitched for my money back. All they make is suckin cock pizza!

    Y’know Bill, I never saw that particular pizza on the menu, but it’s been a long time since I’ve eaten there. Maybe it’s a new one.

  72. enderby says:

    That’s it. I’ve had it. Listen up – this place is bad bad bad!! If you don’t contract food poisoning or can actually get an order delivered, you are lucky.
    Me: hello hello, I want delivery, my number is 102 main st, my phone # is xxx-xxxx, just as it was the last 9,000 times I have ordered.
    PH1: Hello, my name is Peggy. Please call other fine PH establishment.
    Me: sorry.
    PH2: Hello, my name Peggy. May I help you?
    Me: I would like to order
    PH2: So sorry, you need call PH1.
    Me: Hello Dominoes?
    D: May I take your order?
    Me: Yes.
    D: Your total is $87.63. It will be there in 30 minutes.

    Me: So fast? Here is $100. Keep the change.

  73. Pizza hunterhater says:

    I just vomit it

  74. Betty reyes says:

    Pizza hut is the worst pizza chain ever. to add to their horrible Pizza, now no one can get thru a local pizza store. all the call are being routed to India

  75. Anonymous says:

    i hate pizza hut

  76. Pete Carroll says:

    I Googled “Pizza Hut sucks” – 1,860,000 hits!!!
    ordered a pepperoni pizza – $27 and had 3 pieces of pepperoni on it. Complained via the web and was told I would be contacted. after 2 weeks complained again and the Manager of the local Pizza Hut called and said he’d give me a $30 credit. Told him no thanks..not interested..

  77. Malarz says:

    Pizza Hut taste good in Poland and only $5

    That’s wonderful, but by the time they delivered here to the U.S., it would be awfully cold. ;)

  78. Norm says:

    Weird. I never liked papa johns but they are quick and well managed. They also don’t require a card verification. My wife had the card and ordered out of town and pizza hut doesn’t let you get your pizza without your card. The argument could be false card but when you order all the time? Really? Owner and management need to jump in:)

  79. Ferg-E says:

    Wow. “Pizza Hut Sucks” now returns 3,100,000 hits, and after my experience today with them I can see why! They still cannot get online orders right, 4 years after they first told you that “you should never order online”! They wont read special instructions and an incompetent employee will turn around and blame you for their own failings! Thank goodness for Papa John’s and Maggiano’s, my local pizzeria.

  80. Jake says:

    Maybe if you didn’t live in a shit hole like tarpon springs and weren’t so fucking lazy to get off of your ass and get your food this wouldn’t be a problem

    Hi Jake! This made me LMFLAO (laugh my fucking lazy ass off)– thank you!! Tarpon Springs? Bwahahha!

  81. driver ph uk says:

    PH are shitbags. The averge cost of pizza is about £0.65p. You really don’t wanna know how long we keep ingredients for. Super Supreme should be called somewhat stingy as that describes its patrons, or super sperm check your bill!

    Today I saw green dough! Fatties buying diet drinks to go with their heart attack, spotties buying veggie supreme cos they’re healthy–ha ha, pensioners getting their usual dinner but it’s half the size and costs the same as the ingredients for a whole roast dinner via supermarket. That saddens me. Unfit parents feeding their kids shitty dippers and complaining it’s past their bedtime. This angers me. Can’t they open a can, put some toast on??

    The cheapest supplies is what is got. 95% frozen. Chicken from Thailand known for their animal welfare policy, reject veg that no greengrocer would sell.

    Why is it allways cold and late? PH won’t pay enough people minimum wage to get the job done adequately, so while your dinner’s cooling down in the queue another order’s being taken, assembled, cut, boxed, sides added in a rush cos its in a similar area. While all this is happening some skanky toss is ordering online expecting a 30 min wait…

    Jobs are hard to get and this one disgusts me. I can’t cook for shit, but I can feed myself.

  82. Anonymous says:

    i used to work for pizza hut in hilo hawaii.. kilauea store, its horrid… the prep area is dirty, they cut their veggies on top of a trash can….. the managers are horrid… they treat their employees like crap. they use old oil on their wingstreet wings.. and the sauce is often expired and they use old butter oil on their bread sticks… thats right its not even real butter…. just butter flavored crap… the pineaples are sometimes expired and have lil white dots on them… im so sorry for ever feeding people this crap…

  83. What’s up, just wanted to mention, I liked
    this post. It was funny. Keep on posting!

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