The Curious Case of Kaylee A.

curiousgeorge55Sorry for the length of this post. I just had to get this out of my system. If you want to skip directly to the apology, it’s in the second -to-the-last paragraph.

Sometime around last Valentine’s day, while reading comments on one of my favorite blogs, I came across this one:

LOvely post I got to spend my valentines day finding out that i had cancer (

by kaylee2 February 15, 2008 at 8:28 pm

It stopped me in my typing tracks. I clicked on the name, and went to visit the blog of the person who wrote it. There, I began reading about a young girl with a very sad life. I was drawn to her story– a teenager dealing with typical teen angst, a dysfunctional family and a history of major health issues, who still had a way of keeping on the sunny side. And now she had cancer.

Kaylee’s story drew me in for several reasons. I have a daughter close to the same age, who had not so long ago had been treated for carcinoma in situ. I  was also going through a major case of ENS (Empty Nest Syndrome).  Kaylee and I started IMing on her blog, and as we talked, my heart went out to this poor, sick, lonely girl. I decided that, no matter what, I’d always set aside a bit of time each night to give her time to vent, and that I’d try to keep her spirits up. It seemed like such a small thing to do, and it gave me a chance to do some momming.

I believe in love, and the power of other people’s goodness. I wrote a post about Kaylee, which started like this:

There’s a blogger out there that I want to tell you about. Her name’s Kaylee, and she’s a sixteen-year-old baseball fanatic. She loves the color yellow, and has a fondness for monkeys, poetry and cooking (not necessarily in that order).

I directed people over to her blog, knowing that the kindness of my readers would surely help her. Soon, people wanted to send her things– baseball cards. A hand-beaded yellow necklace. Several began corresponding with her.

I began devoting a lot of time to her as well, trying to cheer her, encouraging her to take care of herself, to eat (she was apparently wasting away) and to talk to the counselor at the hospital when she confided that she was afraid to go to sleep because she might not wake up. I lit candles in her honor and said many silent prayers on her behalf. Tom, my Significant Other at the time, would ask, “Are you coming to bed?” and often I’d answer that I’d be there in a while, that Kaylee was having a rough time and needed someone to talk to. I did this for hours and hours, nights and nights. At work, I told my boss that I’d need to keep Yahoo Messenger open, just in case there was an emergency with my young friend.

During the course of all of this, some things started to nag at me, to not add up, but Kaylee had told me that she was on various medications, so at first I chalked up inconsistencies (and bad spelling) to that.

The number of tragedies that befell her was astounding. Her mother threatened her constantly, and eventually stabbed Kaylee in the hand as she lay in her hospital bed. The  mother hated Kaylee because of her illnesses, had broken the restraining order that had been placed on her and was arrested at the hospital. This was the first real warning bell in what would become a symphony of warning bells.

It was apparent that she was seeking attention, but hell, I might be too if my family was that insane. I was troubled by how little time her parents  spent with her at the hospital (she told me that they seldom came to visit) or seemed to care. At the same time, she regaled me with tales of her hospital roommates, the type of cancers they had, and the fun that she somehow managed to have with them from time to time.  She excitedly told me about how her father had scored tickets to a Diamondbacks game, and how, due to her illness, she’d gotten to sit in box seats and meet the players. I spent weeks writing and talking with her prior to big event, trying to keep her spirits up, so that she’d live to see that day. It was some of these detailed stories that made me believe that there was much truth in what she was saying.

Others seemed to feel the same way. At first, many of us gave her motherly advice. “Get counseling,” “Talk to your doctors,” “Tell the hospital staff what your mother’s doing to you,” “EAT!” “Keep thinking positively!” Links to games, to message boards– I even looked up information about the Make a Wish Foundation, thinking that they could send her to Disneyworld or something, but I finally realized that as secretive as she was, she’d never help fill out the forms.

My mother, forced into early retirement by a routine medical procedure gone wrong, was visiting Yuma, Arizona to recuperate. At one point, she and I discussed the possibility of her traveling with my aunt to Phoenix to visit Kaylee at the hospital, since she seemed so lonely. At the same time, other people were letting me know that they’d tried to send her gifts, but either their requests for her address were ignored or they were given an incorrect one.  Kaylee was evasive about her location, but I just figured that, as an underage girl, she was being careful about letting strangers know how to find her. Besides, who knew how her evil, crazy family might react to such an outpouring?

Her need for attention grew. Once, she mentioned that she’d read a story about my father’s suicide. Within days, she was telling me that she was going to kill herself. Another time, when I told her that I had to leave, she suddenly typed: “OMG! My sister’s dead!” Murdered (in an indirect way) by an abusive boyfriend. Within months, her father had kicked the bucket too, dying from a massive heart attack and leaving behind a wife, a new baby and a whole passel of kids.

It all started to feel like a constant kick in the stomach. I began searching for some of her more horrific stories in the Phoenix newspapers online (surely, an attack by a mother in a hospital would at least earn a mention), but could find nothing. It was while doing this investigating that I came across another, previous Kaylee blog with more tragedy and heartache. She posted a picture of herself there (she’s since taken it down), a sad-looking, overweight young girl holding a baby. As I read this old blog, with its stories of neglectful parents, mean siblings, tormenting friends, break-ins, stabbings, etc., I began to feel that she was sad beyond belief. Yes, she was a liar of epic proportions, but wasn’t it possible to be a terminally ill liar? It was all becoming quite draining, and guiltily, I began to distance myself from her. The IM’s ended, though we still e-mailed.

Behind the scenes, some of us bloggers began talking a little about what was happening. We all agreed that she was probably a major prevaricator, but was Kaylee truly dying? She hijacked our blogs, popping into the comments section to say things like, “Great post! I really need to talk to you…” or “I don’t know anything about this subject, but I have to have another surgery,” or the ever popular, “I’ve got bad news.”  E-mails with her were one sided– we sympathizers would write requested letters to her, and in return received vague, one or two word responses. One blog friend called them “non-email emails.”

Posts on her blog became increasingly strange. Supposedly, she got a tattoo after her radiation treatments, a really beautiful one, but requests for a picture of it were never granted. We read about a boyfriend who was pressuring her for sex a couple of weeks after her bone marrow transplant. She posted a picture of a young girl, supposedly Kaylee herself (not the same young girl on the other blog) with a full head of hair, and no scar from the surgery where she’d had her “throat cut.” She was (supposedly) confined to a hospital bed, receiving love and sympathy from the Blog World, and writing about “using drugs again,” when in past posts she wrote of her disdain for cigarettes, alcohol and illegal substances. Where was she going to score these evil drugs anyway? From the visiting clown at the children’s hospital?

Okay, I know I’m an idiot. But I wanted to believe that we weren’t all being duped.  We all wanted to believe that, and I think quite a few of us vacillated between doubting her and ourselves until that very last post. When I’d question her about some of her taller tales, she responded without missing a beat or batting an eye. Still, on some level, I knew that this was one screwed up human being. All of these tragedies couldn’t logically land on one person in such a short amount of time.  But I still maintained that it was possible to be a pathological liar and a dying teenager, all at the same time.

Someone wrote a post about scam artists who invent physical ailments to gain online sympathy, and I knew that in part, she’d written it in hope that Kaylee would recognize herself in it. Of course, she didn’t, or if she did, she chose to ignore the message. At one point, I was feeling so crummy and conflicted about the whole thing that I wrote a diatribe about blog honesty (in large part inspired by her online antics), but obviously, she didn’t see herself in that one either. Actually, I think she did, but she’s great at deflecting such things.

There is this babe-in-the-woods immaturity that comes through in Kaylee’s writing, and throughout all of this it made me feel sympathetic, not to the  increasingly bizarre tales that she’d tell, but to the fact that she was this bottomless pit of need. Many of us came to disbelieve many details of her life, but it seemed plausible that she was making a little fantasy life for herself, and possibly it was to keep her mind off of the fact that she was dying. I think it sucked a lot of people in, at least for a while. She seemed so much younger than my own daughter, and exhibited behaviors that I’d never seen in my own kids, but my own kids had never had that kind of life.


A few days ago, I received an e-mail from Kaylee that said:

im overwhelmed right now im dying

Another kick in the stomach. I got teary-eyed, and told the person I’ve been staying with (I’ve told almost everyone I know about Kaylee). Within a few minutes, I received another e-mail, this one telling me that she had something to confess, but that she didn’t want me to judge her or to be angry. I promised I wouldn’t.

She told me that she’d been lying. In the end, it was no surprise. I asked her pointed questions about what exactly she’d lied about– did she have cancer? A heart transplant? Someone else’s bone marrow? Had her father died? Her sister? Was her mother a psycho daughter stalker? Nope. None of it. That other, later photo she posted was of her sister.

Let me say that Kaylee didn’t fess  up voluntarily. Another (smarter) blogger got fed up and finally confronted her, and demanded that she let everyone know the truth. This person is a cancer survivor, and was simply tired of all of the B.S. To her credit, Kaylee heeded her advice and wrote a post telling all. She wrote to me prior to spilling the beans, mostly I think because she was afraid, and partly because she was a bit worried about my reaction.

At first, I commended her on coming forward (and I still do). I wrote her a long e-mail, telling her the effects of her sham and urging her to get help. I did the e-mail hug thing and wished her well. Her response? Another “non email email.”

Moonbeam, this email really hit me hard like it should have thanks!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!

Really, I’m working on keeping my promise to not be angry.  But reading the responses to her last blog post is hitting me hard. All of those people, all of that manipulation. The time, the tears, the energy, the postage, the emotional drain. I think what’s made me the saddest was realizing that Kaylee was posting on cancer patient message boards, taking time and attention away from those who are truly struggling for life.

No, what makes me saddest is that Kaylee may never really understand what she’s done.

Kaylee, in my opinion, is ill, just not the kind of ill we’d initially imagined. I believe she’s the unhappy girl I saw in that earlier blog photo, and I somehow doubt that she’ll ever seek help (please Kaylee, prove me wrong here). A lot of people are exploding with confusion and anger, and many are hating on her right now. My hope is that she REALLY reads their comments and is able to understand what people are saying to her, and why they’re furious.

I want to apologize to each and every one of you who found Kaylee’s blog through me. I’ve been dealing with a lot of  guilt, and the responsibility of knowing that I fell for a scam and took others with me. There is no way I can make amends, but I am so sorry.  This little paragraph doesn’t fully convey the depth of my emotion about this, but I think that those of you who read here often understand.

I still don’t hate Kaylee, and am trying to keep my other promise not to judge her (although I’m doing it on some level by writing this, I’m sure). She’s hurt a lot of people, but I have to believe that she wouldn’t have done such a desperate and horrible thing it if she weren’t hurting so badly within herself. She’s got to be one incredibly miserable girl (and if she wasn’t before this incident, she certainly is now). That doesn’t excuse her behavior, but it’s how I’m explaining it to myself.

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46 thoughts on “The Curious Case of Kaylee A.

  1. Little Miss says:

    MB – you cannot blame yourself. Really, seriously. You are like so many of us who believe in the inherent goodness of other humans. We don’t normally come across mentally ill people who are deceptive like this or to this extent, so we tend to believe the best in what we’re told. I never got sucked in only because I didn’t have the psychological energy to give her – or anyone who is so desperately ill. I could easily have been one of the many who were duped.

    The possibility exists that she may not be miserable even now. She may be reveling in the attention she’s getting in the blogosphere just for this confession. She’s likely getting more reaction from this than her continued pleas for sympathy and tragic stories.

    Like someone I hold dear said about another someone I hold dear, the only thing you know to be the truth when they’ve spoken is that their lips have moved.

    Sad, but true.

    More like kicking myself than blaming myself. It’s all okay though. You are very smart about knowing your limitations and energy levels– me, not so much.

    She may be reveling in the attention she’s getting in the blogosphere just for this confession. She’s likely getting more reaction from this than her continued pleas for sympathy and tragic stories.

    That’s what I’m afraid of too. So sad.

  2. birdpress says:

    I’ve read all the comments, all the posts about her (as far as I know, so far), and emailed behind the scenes both with “friends” fo Kaylee as well as Kaylee herself, and I have to say, I think you described the whole situation better than anyone else has, or probably could have. This post is honest, yet compassionate. I think plenty of people will argue that Kaylee doesn’t deserve compassion, but I disagree. It’s something you have to give for yourself. Likewise, being angry will hurt no one but one’s self.

    Please don’t feel the need to apologize to anyone; let Kaylee do that. She’s the one who was wrong here, not you. You were just a kind person with a good heart. I’m sorry this happened to you.

    Thanks, (((bird))). I think she deserves compassion too. Obviously, something is terribly wrong there, and I think that’s what’s making me feel so incredibly sad about all of this.

    I know I didn’t force anyone to go hold “Kaylee’s” hand or to console her, but I certainly encouraged it, and for that I do owe apologies. Ugh. I may not be any more careful with my own heart in the future, but I’ll try to be more responsible with others’.

  3. Kendall says:

    I hope Kaylee gets the help she needs. Clearly, she needs attention and love, wisdom and kindness, and some good strong boundaries. Your post is clear and moving and honest. Now we move on, and we hope Kaylee moves on.

    I hope so too. I think she may need more than what you’ve listed here, but it’s a good start. And you’re right- we move on.

  4. Kendall says:

    P.S. did you install snowflakes falling on your blog, or are my eyes doing that to me?

    It’s either snowflakes or blog dandruff, but I’m really hoping it’s the former. ;)

  5. teeni says:

    What Birdpress said! To a tee! And the other blogger was no smarter than anyone else. That blogger just got fed up with the BS after listening to it a little longer. Someone was eventually going to confront her.

    As I told that blogger, she’s the bomb. I know that saying is older than my grandmother, but it’s the only way I can think of to describe her at the moment. If not for her, many of us would be weeping over Kaylee’s fake death right now.

  6. joanharvest says:

    I got sucked into the the Kaylee web of lies for a while anyway. I suspected months ago when I called every hospital in Phoenix to see if I could find her. I was going to send her a lot of Red Sox stuff. I’m glad I didn’t now because I am going to donate it to charity for Christmas. Hopefully it will go to someone who really has cancer.

    I never alerted many people because I was too afraid I might be wrong and that would have been terrible so I kept my concerns to myself and a couple of others. The person who confronted her did a great job in getting her to come clean where others who tried couldn’t. I still wonder if she is a 17 year old girl. I guess we will never know. I hope she gets help. but don’t blame yourself, we all fell for her because you always want to believe the best in people.

    I remember when you were going to send that stuff, and I’m so glad you didn’t. You and I had some suspicions early on, but that’s where we parted ways– you listened to your little inner voice of reason, and I ignored mine.

    I’m still wanting to believe that she’s a seventeen year old girl, but then I want to shake myself and ask, “Haven’t you learned anything from this?” She could be a he, she could be eight or eighty– there’s no information that she’s given that can be taken at face value.

    I hope the Red Sox stuff goes to someone deserving of your kindness, cancer or not.

  7. Well.. holy crap. That explains a lot and DO NOT feel guilty – you were being you. A caring woman who sees the good in every situation. You can’t fault yourself for having a heart.
    <3 stay strong my dear!

    Thanks so much (((aimee))).

  8. trishatruly says:

    Moonbeam, you just have a huge heart.

    Kaylee should be horribly ashamed. She should feel extremely blessed and lucky that people have still taken the time to send her love. She doesn’t deserve that much attention now. Attention is what she obviously seeks and boy, is she getting it!

    I am really angry. I may be for quite a while. I am mostly angry at myself for being a fool. That’s what she did to us. Shame on her. She took the love of good people like you and made a mockery of it.

    While I hope she gets help and I don’t wish her ill, I also don’t want to hear from her ever again.
    I’m that angry.

    Trisha, I don’t blame you for being angry. I think my overwhelming emotion about all of this is more in the “sad” category, but anger’s most understandable.

    After talking with this person for so many months, and reading over past posts and comments, I have absolutely no expectations that she’ll ever feel any type of remorse, guilt, gratitude or compassion for those people she was screwing with.

    I entered into this online relationship with her (or him) willingly, though under false pretenses. And really, after thinking about it, shame on me. But I’ve learned a lot, and I’m so pie-in-the sky that there’s actually a part of me that’s grateful for that.

    You are NOT a fool. You gave of yourself to a sick and desperate person. Yes, you were tricked into it, but thank goodness your heart is so big and open that you had it to give. Like everyone seems to be saying here, please don’t let this change you.

  9. You don’t have to apologize for being a loving, caring person, Moonbeam. :)

    Thanks, (((Mr. P))).

  10. thebeadden says:

    Moonbeam, birdpress expresses exactly what I thought while reading this. I am actually wiping away tears. You are so compassionate and caring. We all wanted to believe that some aspect of Kaylee’s blog there was truth to be found. That the other stories were concocted out of fear of losing the people who invested so much of their time and energy with her/him.

    I chose to believe that at least she had cancer up until the last month when certain things did not add up. But then thought I could be wrong. I wanted to be wrong.

    Still, I realized that someone who did the things she/he did had to be emotionally ill. From the responses I think it’s even worse than I imagined.

    I still refuse to be angry or hold any negative feelings. It will only affect me in a negative way. I pray with all my heart whoever Kaylee is, that she/he seeks to get help. Kaylee if you read this, I beg you with all my being to seek help, it will change your life. Reach out to someone in your real life and grasp any opportunity you can to better your situation. It can be done. If you are as young as you say you are, you have time on your side. A future waiting for you. A real one.

    Moon, I know how much you invested in Kaylee, even with everything you have been through. You still gave of yourself. About sending your reader’s to her blog. No one would ever blame you for having a heart. For caring. Thank God there are people like you in this world.

    We all take our chances in ‘real life’ and on the internet. The only other prayer I have is that what happened doesn’t change the person you are or were before this. And if it did, or has, well, would be the worst thing she has done yet. IMO

    I hope you can feel this great big ((((hug))))

    BD, I read this last night, but it got me so emotional that I had to come back to it. You expressed the way I’m feeling about this so well, and I know you were having many of the same conflicted feelings about the whole thing that I was.

    You know, in a way I think a few of us are grieving in a way. I’m not trying to be overly dramatic here, but I have been feeling such sadness (although it’s easing up a bit). Kaylee (as we knew her) is dead. Gone. Poof. The situation has ended, the hostages have been released.

    I’m not going to change because of this, and I hope no one else does either. Maybe we’ll all be more discerning in the future, but I decided long ago not to let the baddies/ crazies have too much power over me. I just can’t let stuff like this poison the well. Boy, I hope this makes sense.

    I did feel that hug, and it helped a lot. Thanks, my friend.

  11. Heather says:

    Don’t feel guilty.
    Kaylee is obviously terribly ill.
    This reminds me so much of Rosie O’Donnell’s book Find Me.
    If you haven’t read it you should.
    You have a big wonderful heart, please don’t let this experience harden it.

    Thank you, (((Heather))). I agree with you about the (mental) illness. And I’ll look for that book.

  12. Little Miss says:

    Beadden said this: “Thank God there are people like you in this world.”

    I would simply like to echo that sentiment.

    {{{{{{{{{{huge cyber hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    Wahhhhh! All of this kindness is wreaking havoc with my hormones. Thanks so much (((LM))), you wonderful woman.

  13. QueenBitch says:

    You dont need to apologise for anything my love. You saw a girl in need of someone to talk to her, to help keep her spirits up. None of us should have to step back and think “Hmm.. is this real?” Yet I think this is what a small amount of us will do if another person comes along which saddens me to no end.

    I am glad that things people intended to send to Kaylee never got to her. I thought she HAD accepted gifts from others which made me mad.

    Kaylee doesnt deserve your kindness but she should appreciate it now if she still has it that is.

    A very nice post. Much better than my anger filled one.

    Thanks for stopping by here, Queen B. I read what you wrote on Kaylee’s blog, and when I say that some of the comments hit me hard, I think I can include yours in that category. You did a great job of expressing your anger, and just how horribly this has affected you. I’m glad you unleashed. And I’m so, so sorry about your mother.

    P.S. Your name doesn’t seem to be linked to your blog. I’m putting the link to your post here in case anyone wants to read it.

  14. romi41 says:

    Wow…I am shocked, but also so much of what I scratched my head about time and again is confirmed….there is never any regret to be had in kindess Moonbeam, youi’re a great person, and this whole experience only confirms that! I hope she does get help, whoever she is..

    *hug you*!

  15. romi41 says:

    Sorry Moonbeam, but I take back the calmness of my last comment; I just went on her blog, and a more “barely there”, “no responsibilty for actions” so-called confessional I have never seen…whether someone is depressed or not, or a teenager or not, 4 or 5 sentences do not earn back credibility. I think a huge part of the problem is that when people have an open door to free attention like the Internet, it gets abused, and it won’t stop getting abused depending on the need for attention….the combination of Internet/attention is like a druge for her, so how will she be cured of it if she doesn’t stop taking it? Until she stops using the Internet, I am highly suspicious of any progress she claims to make mentally….that’s just the way I feel, but I understand your perspective.

    Does this mean I don’t get the hug? :)

    I have to say that I felt very differently about Kaylee’s “confession,” and about the entire situation after reading the comments on her post. You’re right– it’s “barely there,” and she really has taken no responsibility for what she’s done. And never did I buy that this was all done because she was depressed. There are millions of depressed people in this world who somehow manage not to manipulate or use other people.

    As I said, I think that she’s extremely mentally ill, and I just can’t hate the mentally ill. I don’t have a lot of expectations of them either. She’ll never be able to undo what she’s done, unhurt those she’s hurt or unuse those she’s used.

    You make an EXCELLENT point about the Internet attention drug. It is an addiction for some, and it definitely is for “Kaylee.” Like others have mentioned, she may even be more excited and energized by the blog comments as she was by any other comments that she generated.

    Before she confessed on her blog, I suggested to her that she shut the whole thing down, but now I’m not so sure. People deserve a chance to to vent and rage, and it’s appropriate that they’re doing it on her blog. I also want her blog to remain on the Internet, because no matter how awful this experience was, it happened, and I don’t want to alter history. At this point, I don’t care if Kaylee pays attention to the comments or not– it’s really not for her any more.

    She should put something on her header (or at least on her “About” page) that lets those who come across her blog in the future that this was all a lie. Maybe WordPress could come up with a rating system– “Rated BL – for Big Lie.”

    She’ll never earn back credibility, as far as I can see. As those comments started rolling in, those of us who initially wrote began to realize how deep and far and wide her deception reached, and how horribly it impacted people. But Romi, I think she’s got an antisocial personality disorder. The only way she can make amends is to go get some serious therapy.

    I don’t think we view this so differently. I appreciate what you’ve said here. Thanks, Romi.

  16. fibrohaven says:

    Moonbeam, I think yours was the first blog I ever read. I am not sure how I even found it, but I was drawn to your humor and your compassion for humanity (and your love of dogs). I remember specifically your post to Amy Winehouse and I was very touched by it. I am one of the many who visited Kaylee’s blog because I learned of her here.

    Do you want to know what I am feeling about all of this? I am feeling impressed and overwhelmed with the generosity of you and the other bloggers who were really taken in by her. That is what I am going to take away from all of this – that one depressed and deceptive little girl cannot change what is the AWESOMENESS of the blogosphere.

    I am sorry that you invested so much time and emotion and that you are feeling like kicking yourself. You are a giver Moonbeam. Don’t let this change you.

    Oh…another comment that makes me want to boohoo. So sweet, and thank you ((FH)).

    Do you want to know what I am feeling about all of this? I am feeling impressed and overwhelmed with the generosity of you and the other bloggers who were really taken in by her. That is what I am going to take away from all of this – that one depressed and deceptive little girl cannot change what is the AWESOMENESS of the blogosphere.

    This is just beautiful, and it’s one of the reasons I love the blog world too. Wonderful people, big hearts, nice big brains with amazing thoughts. Must…remember….this….

  17. Well I do not feel quite so charitable for that person…especially as we may never know who they are or how old they are. It sounds like our journey with her was similar to begin with but I soon became unsettled by her aggressive demands for my attention when I had already been speaking with her for hours.

    She/he actually got quite mean when I said I had to feed my family …got VERY hostile to my husband when he tried to talk to me after I had been on the Meebo for some hours. I am not terribly well myself and was in a LOT of pain after hours cramped over that Meebo thing…and I will never forget her saying she had to talk to the nurse who wanted her to try to go to sleep…then she had to talk to the doctor …then they supposedly fed her through a tube, this was all in the middle of your night …my early evening. When I became concerned that she should get some sleep I said I was going and she typed
    nnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo………………do not leave me alone nnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooo
    please don’t leave me…repeatedly.

    I immediately ended the meebo conversation although I was distraught. I never Meeboed her again because I actually need to put the health of my own family first…which means looking out for me so that I can be there for my family.

    She did try to get me to make her a quilt and send it…a huge expense for someone on a disability pension and all the way from Australia and am so glad I googled her and checked out her old blog and her very different voice. I actually do not see why you feel the need to apply your promise of not judging her when she coerced you into that promise…she is untrustworthy so you should not be held accountable to her. I chose to remove her from my blog after I saw that she was clicking off on my quilting buddies whom she has nothing in common with …I chose to try to support her initially and that is the crux of the matter I think…we chose to do that out of the gooness of our hearts but she inflicted her lies on so many people’s blogs and actually made already ill people feel so much worse. She needs somebody to judge her and consider her unworthy …cause as far as I can see she has shown no real remorse.

    I’m sorry that you had that experience with her. I can certainly relate to that meebo conversation you had with her. It really did feel like being held hostage sometime, and it often made me feel distraught too. Thank goodness you checked her out and eased your conscience about ending things. Even after checking out that other blog, I stayed gullible, for the reasons I’ve written about on this post.

    You’re the first person that I’ve heard of that Kaylee asked to send something to her. Others did it voluntarily (and were given a fake address), but I’m shocked that she actually tried to coerce you, in your condition (and from your location) to do that. Okay, I’m not shocked, but that was the one thing I felt that she had going for her– that she wasn’t trying to reap any sort of materialistic gain from this. There goes that fantasy.

    I’m not expecting remorse, or anything from her for that matter. I’m just letting her vaporize, and chalking this up to a learning experience. My bad feelings stem mostly from the fact that my radar was off course, and I directed people to her. I hope that I’ll be more savvy the next time, but I hope I won’t keep my guard up so much that I shut out any truly good (sane-ish) people in similar situations. In my experience, for every rotten apple, there are at least five hundred shiny ones.

  18. bkclubcare says:

    HUGS, my dear! I had my suspicions from the get-go and yet was guilty about not being able to feel the compassion YOU obviously have! How’s that for a flip side to all this? I know I was relieved to be able to share my doubts with another blogger that I wasn’t ‘nice enough’ to want to shower sympathy.

    Is it all just a pendulum swing of how much to invest in other people? Holding back or giving too much? Or is it a question of having it to give?

    I want to subscribe to the abundance mentality of the more love and light in your life, the more love and life you get. You must give to get. Be aware of those who take rather than give. etc, etc. Please don’t be stingy with sharing your love, Miss Moonbeam and please do continue to share your beautiful words.

    I guess we’re just guilt-ridden people, Care! And you’re plenty nice– just cautious and smart.

    If you figure out how that investment things works, will you let me know? Sometimes I have a lot to give, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I’m smart about who to invest in, and often I’m sort of stupid and indiscriminate. I seldom have regrets though. In fact, the only time I have real regrets about misplaced love and compassion is when it impacts other people (as in this case). I’ll never be stingy with it though, I promise. I hope that this Kaylee incident (a tiny dot in the Grand Scheme of Things) doesn’t stinge anyone else out either.

    (Thank you so much for these words.)

  19. Willie G says:

    In the end we are only held accountable for the intentions of our heart. What the recipient of our gifts does with our generosity is out of our hands. I believe your outpouring of yourself to this person will be honored in ways none of us can explain. I also believe you have made major deposits into your “karma” bank that will pay dividends for much time to come.

    Control what is in your realm of control and free your mind of the treachery of others. Peace.

    This is the crazy way I look at it– if I do an act of kindness, I (try to) expect nothing in return. No karma, no thank yous, no promises of going to a better place at the end of the road. In this way, I just do it because I want to, and I don’t have any preconceived notions of how the other person should respond. On the other hand, I’m extremely grateful for the kindnesses that I receive, because I think of them all as gifts (and who doesn’t like gifts?). Does that make sense? I guess that’s why I’m not too worried that Kaylee took me for a ride, just that I invited others to jump on it with me.

    Thank you so much for what you’ve written here, Willie– it’s kindness and generosity in itself.

  20. gypsy-heart says:

    MB…I submitted a comment and after it posted it said I was Rachel. :O I am seeing it on comment #20. t I have no idea how that happened as I didn’t fill out anything. Maybe you can correct it or just delete it! Could be my words were simply not meant to be on the “Kaylee” subject.

    Quite strange to say the least…technical things do seem to go wrong when I am around. Could have something to do with my energies..I found out that I attract lightening..not a good thing living in Florida (lightening capital of the world). :O

    Maybe you’ve been hexed with the same techno-curse that I recently wrote about. Seriously, I’m worried about planes flying over my house– I might screw up their radar by my mere presence.

    My comments arrive via e-mail, and while I see Rachel’s name, URL and e-mail address there, you showed up as you on these comments.
    Please be careful around that lightning– do you wear rubber boots 24/7?

  21. gypsy-heart says:

    This is really weird..I was on AOL and it is showing me as Rachel there and my second comment as # 21. WTF?

    .Now I have no idea what you are really seeing. I hope you can correct it all…I’m telling you must be my energies at work again. Or maybe this time, it’s AOL! :O

    Anyway here is my original comment again (sorry):

    Well, it was a journey with “Kaylee”..I did learn about him/her from your blog, but I have no regrets.
    How do we know that the energies didn’t work just as they should!
    Maybe “Kaylee” will get help now…maybe something worse was prevented. We’ll never totally understand the why and where our engergies went.

    I do know I met some wonderful souls as we formed that circle of love and healing energies around “Kaylee”. Including the kind soul that I mentioned in my post about sending a giclee’ print to Kaylee. We confirmed our suspicions when we tried to send it. He is for real though!! Not only did that friendship result, but the circle extended as other people were involved with us to help this girl.
    I value those new friends, and I thank you for that! So no apologies necessary. Like I told my friend, when at first, he felt sad about our discovery…we did it from a place of heart, and there is nothing wrong about that!!! The same goes for you and all that reached out.

    Good energies to you Moonbeam dear..and peace of heart! The same to all the other good souls that gather here.

    Last but not least, may “Kaylee” whether it be he/she..old/young, feel some of the love that circled around…little sparks of light they were….in an apparently dark place.

    You have such a good heart. You look at this experience in a very wonderful way. And yes, who knows how these things work? I always keep this saying in my mind: “Everything is exactly as it should be,” which is probably not always true, but it helps me cope when things get too weird.

    I do love the flow of things, and this experience definitely had some up moments. I’m feeling better about things today. Still grappling with the fact that people were so used and hurt, and that there’s a sick person out there who probably doesn’t grasp the scope of what (s)he’s done (though I hope you’re right about those sparks of light). I know that it’s all playing out the way it’s supposed to, and it’s nice to know that some people came away wiser from the experience, and just as big-hearted as ever.

    Your story about the gicleé print is wonderful. You have an amazingly good heart, you wise gypsy woman.

  22. I had visited her blog a time or two (possibly from your post months back?) but never really got to know her. Surprising, since so many of my blog buddies apparently did. i dont even know what to say other than—you were an angel to be there for her through her fake tragedies. Please dont let this experience make you wary.

    No worries, VV. I’m sure I’ll be just as gullible the next time around. Sigh…

  23. Wendy says:

    You summed up this story so eloquently, straight from the heart, and I’m so glad you did. What makes me feel really awful about the whole thing is that now so many people’s innocence has been exploited, and the love they willing poured onto this person (is she even a girl?) wasn’t directed to someone who is the real deal and could have benefitted from the support and kindness of the online community.

    Like all the commenters before me, I hope you won’t let this nag at you or weigh on you as your responsibility. By bringing her to some people’s attention you showed what a sweet, loving, and caring person you are. It was the abuse of trust you and other bloggers experienced that is the saddest part of all this. Everyone who was scammed will now (perhaps rightfully) think long and hard before offering their heart, time, and prayers to someone in need, and I think that’s the saddest thing.

    (((Wendy))), I’m so glad to see you. You know how long this situation has been pinging back and forth around in my head. I actually feel a sense of relief that it’s all over.

    I too feel bad about the exploitation thing. When all of this confession stuff started, I felt such a sadness for this little cyber part of the world. The blog world is a wonderful place, but it became a little bleak and stained for a while there. As I read the responses to Kaylee’s announcement, I was really shocked by the enormity of her actions, and the number people that it had affected so deeply. I worried about hearts being hardened and hatred being spewed, but then I saw that in actuality, it’s all a pretty good thing. I’m glad that her blog became a forum for people to release whatever they needed to– hatred, sadness, anger– and to tell her what they thought about her “abuse of trust.” Most of us just don’t play that way, and just knowing that so many felt that this went against some unwritten blog honor code makes me happy.

    The only thing that this will change for me is that I may not be so quick to believe that I can keep someone alive via Meebo! LOL. That, and the fact that I will think long and hard before getting others tied up in my heartstrings.

    A million thanks for your comments. When are we going to Austin?

  24. Wendy says:

    I need to amend that last sentence. Prayers are never wasted, so in that respect you weren’t scammed at all. If anyone needs prayers it’s the person/s who called themselves Kaylee.

    Amen, sister.

  25. PiedType says:

    The name Kaylee is very familiar, but I don’t recall getting getting wrapped up her blog at any point. Who knows, she may now be getting what she wanted via all the posts and comments about her (his?) little scam.

    Exactly. Who knows? I think we’re all doing this for ourselves right now though. I do hope she gets help, but I’m not holding my breath.

  26. museditions says:

    I have thought about this situation a lot. I have shared emails with you and one or two other bloggers, but only made one comment about it on the perpetrator’s “Coming Clean” post, and now this one. Like many, I was initially shocked and dismayed. But then, I had to ask myself why this situation was appearing in my life. I always have to ask myself that. I realize not everyone shares my philosophy, and will act from their own belief system, but I cannot see any good in blaming a person whom we’re not sure even exists as s/he describes her/himself. In one of your responses, you mentioned grief. There is often that sense of loss when a relationship ends, whether through death, or relocation, or, in this case, deception. With grief can come anger, and a feeling of betrayal, and that is just normal and fine in the short term. I would be disappointed, though, if I continued to feel “angry” at “kaylee” for longer than a short time. I entered into correspondence with her willingly; I suspected for many months now that all was not as it seemed, but I will always trust my intuition over “facts”, and, when I look at it today, from a little distance, I realize she brought out qualities in me that were positive, and worth developing. That is the gift left me by kaylee. Every relationship is a gift, and I’m most thankful for this one.
    As for you—I had been reading your blog both pre- and during-kaylee. I feel I got to know your goodness and strength of character even more as you began to care about “her”. I am sorry that your own health and peace of mind were so strongly affected. I know how much care you put into your compassion for this person. But, as others have said, it enabled your readers to look deeply into your heart. Obviously we like and value what we see there. Yet another gift! Thank you, dear Moonbeam, for the person you are! Love & Hugs.

    Throughout the entire time we were dealing with Kaylee, you were always a calm voice of reason. You stayed back, but not too far back, and you gave her what you were willing to give. One of our e-mail exchanges is what helped me step back at some point and do the same.

    The comments hit me hard, Muse, and put together a lot of pieces of this puzzle. I’m not mad at Kaylee, and I’m not blaming her– it would be like blaming a five-year-old for striking a match and burning down a house. I’m just looking at the ashes, and it makes me sad.

    I don’t regret the experience that I had with Kaylee- like you, I went into it willingly and (eventually) conscious of the fact that it might all be a scam. Que sera, sera. We took our chances. It could just as easily turned out that she was a dying liar. And with those being the choices, I’ll probably do things somewhat similarly in the future. No, I’ll ask more questions, and now I’ll be able to preface it with: “I’m sorry to be questioning you, but I once had this very strange experience…” That, and unless can assure me that it’s not a hoax, I’ll refrain from directing people to them via my blog.

    I believe that getting to know you better was one of the gifts that I received from Kaylee, and for that I’m extremely thankful. Now stop making me cry, please.

  27. romi41 says:

    Hey Moonbeam, thanks for your detailed response. I think we do view things pretty similarly, and what I admire most in you is that despite everything, you still acknowledge how disturbed she is and that she needs help, for something that is clearly a disorder here (thanks for the link)…on my end, I get a little more enraged at the dishonesty and the principle of the matter, which admittedly makes me rather cold to the individual’s personal issues (yes, I admit it ;-) ). And like you, my biggest worry with the existing blog is who else might get duped in the future if perhaps a REAL victim finds her through Google, and starts reading her posts, believing that they’ve found someone who can “relate”. Hence I think the “BL” big-lie rating is a GREAT idea! ;-)

    I already contacted WordPress and asked them to take some sort of action (after already reading the grounds for “Complaints” and knowing that they wouldn’t, haha), and they calmly asked me to handle the issue on my own…lol. So for the last time I commented on her blog and asked her to delete her archives from the last year now that I think about what you said maybe add a huge disclaimer…it just won’t work “as is”. We’ll see, and I hope she does the right thing for once.

    (and OF COURSE you still get your hugs!!! :-) )

    Actually, I think it’s good that everyone’s reacting in such different ways to this. I think your “ethical and outraged” response is perfectly understandable and beneficial, for just the reasons you mentioned. It would be awful for people to run across that blog and be duped in the future. And it would be very easy for Kaylee (I find it hard to write that name now) to get sucked back into the excitement of the attention.

    You’ve also made me think about what to do about the posts that I’ve written about her. I’ll have to either break the links or delete the posts- haven’t decided what to do there yet.

    Anyway, it’s all amazing, isn’t it? She’s been on blogs and message boards from here to Timbuktu, so even if she takes her own blog down, many of those words are here to stay.

    It’s sort of ironic that we’ve had this discussion. Your blog is the one where I ran across that very first message she wrote.

    I’m glad I still get the hugs. I’m sending some back to you. Not the hugs you sent me– new ones.

  28. HI Moonbeam thanks for you detailed response…..i know that people sent gifts to the hospital when she was not there…she asked me to end it to her home so I do not know if that would have been a false address. I liken my quilts to being a form of colour and love therapy. I pack a whole lot of prayer, positive thoughts, love and my own pain into them so am mighty glad not to have sent that to some false address. And I am not of the brigade of thought that a gift given is freely given regardless of the fraud perpetrated… my gifts though freely given are the result of hundreds of hours of work and a large part of my heart goes with them.

    Moonbeam I deleted everything to do with Kaylee from my blog after seeing on September 11th this year on someone’s blog that she said she lost more family members than the one family member they lost in the attack on September 11th 2001. I checked her blogger blog that day and she had escalated her lies between the blogs. This to me is even worse than the cancer lies ….it comes close to either insanity or a supreme lack of empathy bordering on the sociopathic.

    I and others have asked him/her to delete the two known blogs or add a disclaimer in the about section….otherwise I feel some of us who feel we can should monitor the blog and the comments to see that fresh comments on past posts are not going through. I would go so far as to let the commenter know the facts…but that would only work if they have are contactable so that is not really the answer.

    The answer I feel in that case would be for the people who supported her to let her know by not wanting to support her in future…by not responding to future blog posts…a blog moratorium I guess it would be. Just blog silence.

    I visited your site, and wow– what beautiful work you do! I can tell that what you say about them is true. Just lovely.

    It seems that what’s happened here is that those of us who had dealings with Kaylee have had to go through a bit of processing (which is what I’ve done here). Once that’s done (and it pretty much is for me), we’ll all move on.

    I understand what you say about giving gifts to scammers with no hard feelings. I couldn’t do it either– I’m not that evolved. Thank goodness that you didn’t fall for that trick, because it seems important that you remain as open-hearted as you were prior to this. It’s what allows you to create those gorgeous quilts you make.

    it comes close to either insanity or a supreme lack of empathy bordering on the sociopathic.

    I agree, and I also agree that the best thing to do is to stay away from that blog. When comments appear from new readers, I’m sure that there will be people jumping in to set the record straight.

    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts here, MQ.

  29. mitton says:

    i hope that this person who told so many lies can eventually sleep at night, but only after a very good spell of not being able to sleep at night.

    Whoa, mitton. That’s harsh. ;)

  30. writerchick says:

    Hey Queenie,
    There is nothing for you to apologize for or feel guilty about. You are a kind and caring woman whose heart went out to what you believed was a sick young girl. A lot of people had the same reaction. I’m sorry you put yourself through so much for this little liar. You are far more charitable about the whole situation than I am. I don’t even think it’s a young woman, I believe it is a middle aged man or woman who is adept at scamming people – but I suppose that’s neither here nor there.

    All I really wanted to say is to stop beating yourself up about t his. It happened, we learned, it’s over now. Onto better and more honest things. You know?


    I absolutely do know what you mean. Thanks so much (((Annie))).

  31. No need to appologize to me! Sure, I found her via you, and yes, she did email me a few times, and yes, I talked about her with hubby and my BFF Ange. And, I did think about her from time to time as I was reading all her crazy life stories, as I have many of my own, and I thought, hell, I’ve been through so much, its possible she is telling the truth.

    You are not responsible for her actions. You did nothing wrong. I know you are a caring person. I had no idea when you wrote the truth post that you meant it about here. I’m just so sorry for everyone who was offended by what she’s done, and I’m also sorry for her that she lied about so many things. I really want to believe she is a teenager with issues rather than some random person who is a master manipulator.

    Thanks so much, Ghetto Girl. I kind of felt the same way you did– we live in a society where teenagers are getting chained to coffee tables and beaten with baseball bats– how far a stretch were Kaylee’s stories?

    I wanted to believe she was a teenager too– now I’m not so sure.

  32. intense Guy says:

    “Please don’t feel the need to apologize to anyone; let Kaylee do that. She’s the one who was wrong here, not you. You were just a kind person with a good heart. I’m sorry this happened to you.” – birdpress

    “I do know I met some wonderful souls as we formed that circle of love and healing energies around “Kaylee”. ” – gypsy-heart

    “[W]hen I look at it today, from a little distance, I realize she brought out qualities in me that were positive, and worth developing. That is the gift left me by kaylee. Every relationship is a gift, and I’m most thankful for this one.” – museditions

    “I decided that I could not quickly or simply forgive, but I could and would try to work towards the day when I can…and for all that, I decided that forgiveness wasn’t necessary as a condition to continue to apply the golden rule the best I can. I know I will fail to do this and fail far more times than I wish; it’s the very nature of being a (very) flawed human. I can and will continue to care and will hope that this troubled person overcomes their illness and finds their way to a better place.” – myself…

    *Hugs* – For what it’s worth, those that commented before me are some very wise people and the sort of people I want to meet and have met while blogging.

    Wow, Intense Guy, thanks for compiling a “best of.” There really are some beautiful words and thoughts in these comments, including yours. Very nice— thanks for stopping by here.

  33. Oh, will you also email me the person who busted her? If you feel comfortable? I’m just curious to read what the have written on their own blog. If you can’t share its ok, I understand.

    I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that, but I feel perfectly comfortable doing this:

    Dear Person Who “Busted” Kaylee,

    If you are so inclined, please contact Ghetto Girl. I can give you her e-mail address, or you can find it via her blog.

    If you’re not so inclined, I’m sure it’s fine. Ghetto Girl is a most understanding person.

  34. I am understanding, so its ok if you who busted Kaylee don’t want to contact me. I’m just a curious little monkey I guess!

    Dear Curious Monkey–

    It’s not that I don’t want you to know, it’s that I want respect that person’s privacy. If he/she wants to give out that information, they will, but I don’t feel right “outing” them (I think you’d do the same thing). But I did let the person know, and they said they’d contact you.

  35. 2lazydogs says:

    Gosh, what can I say that hasn’t already been said?

    It was that same comment you mentioned above that drew me in. As a cancer survivor I thought I could offer Kaylee some encouragement and support. After several ‘vacant’ emails from her I became suspicious. And when she seemed to become fixated with my daughter the red flags really started flying. I am so sorry that you and others have been duped by her. Please don’t blame yourself, you were only doing what you thought was right. You’re a wonderful person!

    I’m not angry, just terribly disturbed and it’s taught me to be more cautious about the people I become involved with on the interwebs.

    Wow 2LD, I didn’t know that she’d become fixated on your daughter. I guess that makes sense, since your daughter is such a sweetie. Of course you are too, it’s just that Kaylee was smart enough to figure out who’d let her in and who was onto her. You’re a wise woman, and I think you showed plenty of caution in the way you dealt with this one. I think I’ll be quicker to pay attention to those red flags in the future (I hope so anyway).

  36. Abbe says:

    Hey MB,

    It takes a special person to continue to see the light in a person like Kaylee…you are that special. Please don’t beat yourself up for that. It is a special gift and it is what helps me to continue to see the light in you!


    Awwww…shucks…thanks, Abbe.

  37. ellaella says:

    HI, Moonbeam. Well, I was snookered too. I would go chat with her on her meebo from time to time and she’d visit my blog, but her comments were never o/t. This morning I discovered her blog is gone and Muse sent me here. The heck of it is, I’d seen the headline for this post but figured it was (for some reason) about that murdered girl who’s gotten way too much publicity, imo. It never occurred to me that it might be the blogger.

    Anyway, you were kind to her and caring beyond belief and never need to apologize for that.

    You too, Ella? Well, a little time has passed, the shock’s worn off, and things are back to normal in the blog world. Well, sort of. Since all of this, I never hear or read of people giving money to a stranger, sight unseen, without thinking, But how do you know they’re legit? No regrets about any of it though.

    Ironically, she sent me a link to her new blog, and the only entry there is about baking. Maybe you were a positive influence there.

    The similarities between the names Kaylee Anderson and Caylee Anthony seem a little creepy. It’s easy to see how that would be confusing.

    Oh, and happy Hamukah! ;)

  38. Moonbeam

    Kaylee suckered me in, too. I didn’t find her because of you (I honestly don’t remember), but I am really shocked at this. Kaylee left many posts on my blog about her illness, and I did my best to get her spirits up. (I compared her fight to Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester’s cancer battle, as she said she was an avid Sox fan.)

    Earlier this year I entered a contest at a Red Sox site about the person you’d most like to see a game at Fenway Park with. (I didn’t chose Kaylee but a deceased friend of mine.) Mine was one of the finalists, and the people at the company supplying the prize were so touched by what I wrote, and contacted me. I told them if I won their prize (a DVD), I wanted to go to “an ill blogger I know named Kaylee.”) I didn’t win, but the company sent a DVD to Kaylee anyway (I asked for her address and she sent it to me). I had it sent to Kaylee, and I never got any kind of response from her about it. I thought it was strange, and I hoped that she hadn’t gotten sicker.

    And tonight I found your blog. I feel more sorry than anything else for this girl. I do feel duped, but I’m not really angry at her. She definitely needs help. Thanks for your post, Moonbeam, and please don’t feel guilty. The truth is always the best thing.

    All the best
    Brooklyn, NY


    There is a baseball site that that Kaylee used to try to gain sympathy on frequent, and they linked to this post (it might be how you found it). A lot of the comments on that site ran along the lines of “Lady– what were you thinking when you got so involved with this person?” I was a little embarrassed by some of the responses (though it did inspire me to write another post, answering that question), so it’s very nice to read these warm, thoughtful comments.

    What kind gestures you made on her behalf. I have a feeling that the DVD was sent to a false address, since that was Kaylee’s modus operandi, but you know, now that the smoke’s cleared, it all really seems okay. An act of kindness is as much for the giver as for the recipient, and when all of us were trying to help this faux ill person feel better, we were feeling a little better ourselves, I think. It somehow balanced out how awful we felt when we believed she was suffereing.

    I’m going to gloss over that horrible week when we all found out we were scammed, when our emotions became industrial-sized cans of Planter’s mixed nuts, and I’m going to focus on these hundreds of truly good people (you included) whose hearts are still open enough to be fooled, and who will probably be fooled again. Because you know, that’s what softies tend to do. The happiness of knowing that people like you exist far outweighs any bad feelings that Kaylee’s scam caused.

    Like you, I feel horribly sorry for this person. She’s posted a couple of comments here recently, but I’m no longer approving them. It’s not that I’m angry at her, it’s just that I tend to think of this blog as my Internet home away from home, and she’s just not welcome in my home until she gets some help. For a while there, it felt like that old TV show, The Outer Limits. She controlled the dial, but now I’ve been returned to my regularly scheduled programming.

    Thank you so much for writing.

  39. Peter N says:

    I fell for the same thing, and poured my heart out with support for K. It makes me wonder…thank you.

  40. Peter N says:

    JQ, I was the one who told you she was very ill. Pete

  41. Moonbeam?

    Mike, based in Woodhaven, Queens, NY and used to have a lot of Online Contact with Kaylee A.:

    In her old blog, the World according to Kaylee, she once described herself as autistic;

    Then she was stricken with “Cancer”;

    She never mentioned to me that her father died. She did mention of an Aunt who died on an airliner crashing into the South Tower of The World Trade Center on Tuesday, 09/11/01;

    Bloggers who have the Boston Red Sox as their theme, rushed to Kaylee’s Aid

    Hi Mike–

    Yes, I read all of the kind comments from people on those Red Sox blogs– it’s one of the reasons I felt that Kaylee was a real person with real issues. You’re so right though- if you put her old blog together with the new one, it now seems unbelievably impossible that so many horrible tragedies could hit one little “teenager.” Hindsight’s 20/20, but really, had she not been called on the carpet by another blogger, she probably would have eventually developed a horrible case of Elephantitis or a meteor would have plummeted into one of her siblings or something. I’m glad she fessed up.

  42. Tex19 says:

    Many Red Sox fans found kaylee’s blog because she was posting on a Red Sox blog. She was your typical 14 yr old when she came on…sometimes sweet…sometimes annoying. She posted on my blog and I on hers….Then she started the whole “I’m sick” charade. Many fell for it…but many questioned. I sympathized with her and emailed to her sometimes giving her motherly advice. When I finally decided for myself that kaylee was lying this entire time, I outed her on our Red Sox board as well as on her blog. She never posted what I wrote. I emailed her from the contact info on her blog knowing she would get that. She basically told her she needed to come clean and quit lying. Apparently I was doing this about the same time you may have been giving her the same advice. Soon after I saw she confessed. I know she has to be extremely mentally ill. Either that or she’s not a teenage girl. There, I said it. Unless someone has actually spoken to her…I’m still so confused to the fiasco that I just don’t know who she really was.

    I know who she is not though: Kaylee was not a cancer victim. HUGS to you Moonbeam and your fight!!

    WOW, Tex. For some reason, I’m a little shocked that you urged her to fess up, and that she didn’t post your comments. Why in the world I’m shocked, I’m not sure, but I am. Maybe the fact that you were onto her knocked a chink in her armor, and when another blogger (a cancer survivor) also told her to confess (or she’d tell everyone), she just finally broke.

    I agree with you about the mental illness, and one of the things that makes me saddest about it all is that she never learned, or changed, or got help. I think all of us would be okay with the whole situation if she did. It would be the greatest thing that came of it. Hopefully, one day she will.

    Hugs back to you– I’m very glad you commented here.

  43. Peter N says:

    Peter here again, Moonbeam. I was the one who urged Kaylee to start a blog. She was an everyday reader and commenter on my blog, Peter’s Red Sox Forever. She loved the Red Sox. I helped her with her blog and she succeeded in starting it up. Now, I wish I hadn’t. Of course, that was before the lies started. What can I say…she needs help.

    Thanks Moonbeam. Some things work in strange ways. Happy and healthy 2009 to you & yours. And so many more!

    Hi Peter– I’ve read all of your comments, and will just respond to them here. I think it’s incredibly nice that so many Sox fans rallied round this girl. She moved between baseball blogs, cancer blogs and plain old blogs like mine, and all of these good people just jumped in to help her in any way they could.

    Please don’t feel guilty for helping someone when you thought they needed it. If you want to feel better about making that error, read some of the wonderful comments people have left here! It was a legitimate mistake made with good intentions, and a whole lot of good came of it. You’re right- things DO work in strange ways!

    Hope you and yours have a wonderful 2009 (and beyond) too. Thanks so much for your words!

  44. Marilyn Manson says:

    Hey, that’s the danger of living in the cyberworld. If we all actually went across the street to talk to a neighbor instead of spending so much time worrying about people we don’t even know, we’d all be a lot better off. Kaylee was wrong to dupe you, but you were all wrong to spend so much emotional energy on someone you wouldn’t know if you tripped over her, when there are people right in your neighborhood who need your help. You all need to get a REAL life.

    I disagree– if we didn’t worry about people we didn’t know, there wouldn’t be aid going to Katrina victims or volunteers digging through the rubble looking for 9/11 survivors, or donations being sent to UNICEF. Thanks for visiting cyberworld– I do appreciate your comments.

    P.S. You did a great job with “The Beautiful People.”

  45. Marilyn Manson says:

    if we didn’t worry about people we didn’t know, there wouldn’t be aid going to Katrina victims or volunteers digging through the rubble looking for 9/11 survivors, or donations being sent to UNICEF.

    LOL-when was the last time you did any of that? Have you ever been to a hospital in your own neighborhood to visit real sick kids?

    Kaylee got a boatload of attention and you all got to feel loving and giving and benevolent without actually having to do anything except sit at your computer and write, which you were going to do anyway. I hope you learned something. Get off your ass and start doing something for real people that will make a difference.

    This is all pretty old news, the Kaylee thing, but okay, I’ll answer a little more.

    Your statement after LOL doesn’t really follow the point I was making. And I don’t feel it necessary to give you my volunteerism resume. How in the world can you assume that I (or any of the people who commented here) would only help this one girl? Wouldn’t it sort of follow that most of us are people who do give, volunteer, etc.? Just saying that you’re making an awfully big leap there, Ms. Manson. But thanks for your advice.

    I think this subject has been exhausted, but please, go ahead if you feel the need.

    P.S. I’m really sorry about the whole Dita Von Teese thing. I thought ya’ll made a cute couple.

  46. Moonbeam?

    I’m currently writing a Novel, set in Boston around Halloween, called “Bad Night On The T & Cayla”;

    It’s a combination night of Terrorism and a Mysterious “Little Girl” Blogger. It’s also a send-up of blogging in general.

    It’s due out in a couple of weeks, via &

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