BP: Crying Over Drilled Bilk

I can’t stop thinking about the BP oil spill.  Every time I read or hear anything about it, I get a physical reaction, like big gooey glunks of goo in my heart. It becomes hard to breathe and I get a sick feeling in my stomach. It’s a hopeless outrage.

Right now, the spill is the size of Rhode Island and Delaware combined. To date, BP has spent the equivalent of a little over a week’s worth of profit on the cleanup, while moaning and whining about how diligently they’re working. It’s sickening. As soon as that tanker blew and the oil started spewing, our compassionate heroes at BP  immediately sent out minions, who offered the terrified people who depend on that water for their livelihoods a whopping $5000 each not to sue.  What an insult. What a slap.

Now the gulf waters are being infused with surfactants, and little is known about its toxicity on marine life. Studies were supposed to be launched after the Exxon Valdez spill, but that sort of fizzled out after things were cleaned up and people calmed down. Then it was back to drilling as usual.

BP has always had a horrible record of environmental responsibility. I remember reading a few years ago that they’ve  had many complaints on safety issues. They  know that paying fines is cheaper than actually complying with regulations, so their method has always been to shell out money to the government instead of fixing potential problems. Then they just bilk the consumer for more money. No responsibility and no remorse. I believe that they’re going to be doing some serious money shelling now, and  I hope that this fiasco shuts them down for good.

There are 42 gallons of oil in a barrel.  BP initially said that equivalent of 1000 barrels of oil were leaking per day. The coast guard raised that figure to 5000.  An oceanographer from the Florida State University did a study and reported to The New York Times that a more accurate estimate is about 25,000 barrels– per day. We’re on day 28. Let me take off my shoes and do some math here. That’s 29,400,000 gallons so far, and they haven’t stopped the leak yet.

What is the penalty for this heinous, irresponsible greed? Do BP officials really understand the gravity of all of this? Do they care? I hope that each person affected by this becomes a multi-millionaire. I hope that every fish, fowl, amphibian and furry creature receives his or her own pristine, climate-controlled habitat, complete with a big screen TV and servants to bring them fresh water, food and whatever else they desire for the rest of their lives.

I pray that those idiots at BP have to travel to all of the places they’ve infected with their avarice and stupidity and actually have to get their hands dirty helping to clean it all up. I want them to apologize to every person whose livelihood they’ve ruined while looking them in the eye. I hope they have to gaze upon all of the dead and suffering creatures that have been poisoned by their actions, and that the head honchos are fined and imprisoned for their unconscionable recklessness.  Not some country club prison either. Attica! Attica!

May the families of the people on that tanker tie BP up in litigation until well after these oil barons have gone bankrupt. The CEOs should be required to visit each of them weekly, and bring homemade cookies to the fatherless children and the spouseless spouses and take all them to Disney World every summer for the next decade or so. I hope they’re required to buy the wives diamonds and mansions and Mercedes Benzes. Electric ones, of course.

These profiteers are killing our Earth. They’re rocking our world, and not in a good way. They’ve bilked their fellow human beings out of money, livelihoods and their  environment. I believe that everyone in the oil industry has a supreme responsibility to all of us to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again.

I know this isn’t a great post, or a thoroughly researched one, but I just had to get it out of my system. The stars and moon are beautiful tonight, and I kept thinking of them hanging over the Gulf Coast, shimmering on the water while poisonous oil gushes underneath it all.  I’m going to bed now.  And sorry about that cheesy title.

Note: The Huffington Post is covering this in depth. I hope you’ll check out their site, starting here. And here’s an interesting, interactive map of the spill.

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4 thoughts on “BP: Crying Over Drilled Bilk

  1. One quick Google later and the current number being thrown around right now is 210,000 gallons per day. That’s not to say your facts are that far off. It’s to point out just how much more f@!#ed up this situation really is. :| And by the way, I really liked the title. ;)

    And now it’s heading toward the Atlantic. It’s so hard to read about it. Words like “tar balls” and “oil plumes” don’t mix with “marine life” and “gulf waters.” Did you know that there was a device that BP could have purchased that would have prevented this? The cost was $500,000. Guess they just couldn’t afford it.

  2. The situations sickens me, Moonbeam. When I see the pictures of the oil-covered birds, I feel like grabbing a barrel of Dawn and start cleaning the poor creatures.

    Same here, St. Nick, same here.

  3. David says:

    Alas, we drivers and users of gasoline-powered vehicles and tools bear part of the blame here too, as much as we’d like to blame the money-grubbing scummy executives of all the oil companies. The black blobs floating on and in the Gulf are symbolic also of our insatiable consumption. Consumerism must die, or it will kill us.

    That said, BP should be stripped of all $$ which should be used to clean up this mess.

    I so agree about our insatiable consumption, but I also think that these scoundrels have a responsibility to make sure that their industry doesn’t kill everything in its wake. This could have been prevented. I think Bush and Cheney and Halliburton turned a blind eye to all of it so that they could reap obscene rewards, but of course, Obama will be blamed. I wonder if anyone is boycotting BP?

  4. Kendall says:

    Heavy sighs and deep sadness here, Moonbeam. Your last response is accurate. Bush and company did it, Obama gets the blame, and the dolphins suffocate and die. Tears here, and rage, and a feeling of impotence and frustration.

    I know this sounds odd, but it’s almost a physical reaction– the thought of all of those creatures smothering in oil. I can’t stop thinking about that constantly pulsing oil. Tragic doesn’t begin to describe this.

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