A Keen ’13

new_years_moon2I’m wishing you stars
that sparkle and gleam,
I wish you the moon
and gentle moonbeams.
May you flower and flourish
In all that you do,
May your New Year be joyous,
May your dreams all come true.
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8 thoughts on “A Keen ’13

  1. Expat Alien says:

    Have a wonderful new year!

  2. Thank you, Expat! I hope yours is wonderful too. I have a really good feeling about 2013.

  3. Tanya Levy says:

    May your muse be abundant in 2013 and grant you prose writing in a steady stream. Your words bring comfort and joy to many, may your wisdom abound in plenty.

    I love your poem, and your lovely wishes! Happy New Year, Tanya!

  4. ryoko861 says:

    Same to you! Happy New Year! I’m hoping that “13″ at the end of that year doesn’t impede on the events of the year!!

  5. Perversely, I think the “13″ is going to be very lucky. I hope you and yours have a wonderful year.

  6. mrs fringe says:

    Thank you for the poem! Happy New Year, Moonbeam :)

    Happy New Year (((Mrs. Fringe)))!!!

  7. ryoko861 says:

    It’s all about perception. Going in with a good outlook will probably result in a positive attitude in the end.

    Perception and finger-crossing! I hope you’re right about that outlook thing.

  8. timethief says:

    I hope you have an exceptional 2013.

    With much love,

    I strongly and sincerely wish you the same, TiTi. Much love back to you!

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