There’s a blogger out there that I want to tell you about. Her name’s Kaylee, and she’s a sixteen-year-old baseball fanatic. She loves the color yellow, and has a fondness for monkeys, poetry and cooking (not necessarily in that order). Kaylee has a great sense of humor, and her blog is a wonderful glimpse into the world of a pretty amazing person. I think I’ve read the entire thing, and it makes me want to laugh and cry and rant about the unfairness of the world. As a mom, it also makes me want to give her a big hug, erase her pain, and fix her a huge bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream.
Kaylee (who gave me permission to write this post) had a heart transplant last October, and this Valentine’s day she was diagnosed with cancer. Understandably, it’s sometimes hard for her to keep her spirits up. There are so many people who know of her and keep her in their hearts and prayers. I hope you’ll stop by her blog and offer her some encouragement, cheer, or just a hello. As she and I agreed, you just can’t have too many people pulling for you.
Note: I’m going to close comments on this one, so that we can save our energy for posting them on Kaylee’s blog. She’s such a great girl, and even when she’s not writing, she does read and enjoy her comments. Thanks all.

December 10, 2008
A fraud, a sham, a flimflammy scam.
So sorry sir, so sorry ma’am.
I ‘ve broken the link to Kaylee’s site.
She’s isn’t ill- she’s quite all right.

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