My Writer’s Bio

Moonbeam McQueen has been writing since she was old enough to hold a Big Chief Writing Tablet and a crayon. Her words have been printed on greeting cards, bumper stickers, Post-It Notes and lapel buttons. Larger works have been featured in The Dayton City Paper, The Current, Barnett’s and Underwired magazines. She’s written for  universities, businesses (small and large) and websites. Her most prolific work (and play) can be found on this blog. It’s her main squeeze, writing-wise.

A native of Memphis, Tennessee, she now resides in the Ozark Mountains with her oh-so-cool musician husband and a tiny dog named Theo.

Publishers, editors, agents and wealthy arts patrons may contact her at:

Operators are standing by.

One thought on “My Writer’s Bio

  1. Cindy Grigg says:

    I missed you! Good luck to your daughter and Amadeus. ;-) Cindy

    I missed you back! I’m always so torn between feeling guilty for not posting and feeling happy that I’m too busy to post! Thank you for the good lucks, Cindy! It’s nice to see you here.

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