The Great Golf Monkey Giveaway–Oh, And a Song


I’m about to sing.

Here’s the thing. About a month ago, I sat in one corner of our living room and wrote a poem. At the same time, Amadeus sat in another corner, working on a tune. We spent the rest of the evening merging them together, tweaking and smooshing until we’d turned it all into a song. We’re pretty self-critical at times, but we love this one. I think it’s our best collaboration. It has our hearts in it.

I posted the poem here immediately, and ever since, I’ve been dying for you to hear the musical version of it. The problem, as we saw it, was delivering it. Neither of us are singers. Oh, sure, Amadeus plays like an angel and sings beautiful backup vocals in bands, but with few exceptions, our melodies  stay confined to our living room. The same goes for Amadeus’ guitar playing, since he’s a bassist by trade. But this one we want to let out. This one we wanted to do for you. We could have asked someone to perform it for us, but in the end, we decided to do it ourselves. It’s kind of the main message of the thing–to just be your imperfect self, and not worry what others may say. But honestly? I was a  little worried. I’m still a little worried.

We went to a friend’s house and he recorded it for us. He and Amadeus were happy with the version we ended up with, but I’m off-key in places, and it makes me cringe. But it’s a wrap. We ran out of time, then our friend’s mom got sick and he’s going to be tied up for while. So here it is, glitches and all.

We want you to hear this. We want you to share it with as many people as you can, if you’re moved to do so. More than that, we want to hear YOU sing it. So, we’re offering incentive. We’re having a giveaway. A unique contest, to celebrate your unique contribution to this project.

Here’s how it works:

1: First, give a listen to “You Are Who You Are,” posted below.

2: Record your own version. We want you to do this however you’d like. Amadeus isolated the guitar part (also posted below), and you can sing over that. You can do it acapella or play your own music. You add harmonies or invite the Harlem Boys Choir to sing it with you. You can make a video to go along with it (in fact, we’d love it). But you have to sing it. We want to hear “your beautiful song.” Don’t worry about perfection. We love rank amateurs.

3: Send us an MP3 or the link to your audio or video. We plan to post all of the versions we receive onto one or two sites–YouTube and BandCamp, most probably. By sending it to us, you agree to let us use it however we’d like.

4: On August 15, 2013, we’ll hold a random drawing. Everyone who submits an audio or video will be entered to win. In other words, this is based on effort–not popularity or musical ability. The prize? This gorgeous pair of antique golf monkeys.

No, you’re not dreaming. You read it right. These attractive, useful, one-of-a-kind golf monkeys (circa 1920) could be YOURS!! Imagine the pride you’ll feel, seeing them on your shelf, knowing they were a reward for your contribution. Contest ends at midnight.

5: If you post this song online yourself, please credit Moonbeam McQueen and Amadeus Rockerfeller. No commercial use without permission. We retain all rights to this song. We aren’t completely sure of what we’re doing with all of this, but we know we’re supposed to say that.

Honestly, we have a two-fold purpose here. Fold one is that we really do want to hear everyone in the universe sing our song. Fold two is that we hope someone likes it enough to buy it. We have loving hearts, but we also have empty pockets. If you like it, please share it far and wide, link to this page and tell your mother.

Hang onto your earbuds and give a listen. I apologize again for my veering voice, but only sort of.



The guitar part can be found here.

Update: I posted chords and lyrics for those who might want them. You can find them here.

And the Winners Are…

Today’s the big day, the one that you’ve breathlessly awaited for a solid week now. It’s the day that I drew two names from my magic fishbowl for the “Peculiar Rhymes and Intimate Observations” giveaway. I was too excited to sleep last night, so I did the drawing in my PJ’s and bunny slippers as I guzzled coffee. I mean, it’s like a $10.99 value. How could I sleep, knowing that I was about to bestow such gifts?

Of course, there had to be a hitch. This morning, I tried to view those who had  “Liked” my Facebook page, but for some reason, was unable to see the names, just the locations, so I threw those  into the fishbowl, along with the monikers of the followers of my blog. Then I drew.

For dramatic effect, please click this link before reading further.

The recipient of the Smashwords e-book is none other than the fabulous Pigeon Heart!!! C’mon DOWN!

And, person who lives in Honesdale, PA, who liked my FB page…you’re the big winner of the Audible audio book! Please contact me via Facebook or this blog, so that l can get it to you.

Well, I hope that wasn’t too anti-climatic. It all worked out better in my head.

I’ve been furiously writing and editing these days. I’m gearing up to put out yet another book, and soon after that, a Kindle single. Some of you will be pleased to know that neither of these are poetry. Thanks again to everyone for being so incredibly sweetful in helping me promote my work, and congratulations again to Pigeon Heart and Honesdale!