The One

Last night, I discovered that an online friend’s husband died. It happened a few days ago, and her loss was sudden and sad. For over a year, I’ve seen photos she’s posted of the two of them, a record of their vibrant lives. The love between them shines from her Facebook page. They rode Harleys across the country, visited friends and family along the way. They stayed at fabulous places and shared grand adventures. There were photos of their garden, and of the home they worked together to remodel. They’d just moved in about a month ago. He was set to retire. They were making plans. Now he’s gone, and her plans have been changed.

I’ll always be amazed by the way we strangers touch each other’s lives. I’ve shared many of this woman’s photos with Amadeus, and we’ve talked about her and her husband as though they were people we knew. Because, in a way, they were–she still is. It hits hard, these reminders that life is such a temporary gift. Online, we read of happiness, but also of struggles and loss. Lives stretch before us on timelines, the odds of tragedy increase with age. Spouses become caretakers, then widows and widowers.

I became quite emotional when I read of this woman’s loss. It hit home. I apologized to Amadeus for the tears, but he understood. We both realize that one day, one of us will be gone. No matter how much time we have together, it won’t be enough. Like our online friends, we met during our middle years, found happiness a little later than some.

“You know,” Amadeus said, trying to put it all into perspective. “I can look in the mirror and say to myself that if I go tomorrow, I’ll have died happy.” I can say the same. We found each other late, but by God, we found each other. Not to sound sappy, but I treasure each day we spend together.

Anyway, I wrote this song last night, while thinking about all of this. It’s not finished, but I wanted to share. VM, this is for you.

The One

They thought they’d always be together,
they built a castle in the sky,
a melding of hearts so perfect and true,
the first time they met they knew.

He said,
You are the love that I’ve been looking for,
She said,
I have been waiting for you,
I’ve looked my whole life for the man of my dreams,
I never dreamed that my dreams would come true.

They married a month after the day they met,
(the clock hands move faster as we age)
they opened their hearts, made a brand new start,
a story begun on a snow white page.

She said,
you are the love that I’ve been looking for,
He said,
I have been waiting for you,
I’ve looked my whole life for the girl of my dreams,
I never dreamed that my dream would come true.

They didn’t have the time
that younger lovers do,
so they blazed twice as bright
and their years together flew;
In the corners of their minds
both of them knew,
someday there’d be one
where there once was two.

Their hair turned gray, their bodies old,
she reached for his hand, his hand was cold,
they never imagined when they built their home,
she’d be the one who was left alone.

She said,
You were the love that I was looking for,
We’ll be together one day soon,
I searched my whole life for the man of my dreams,
Thank you for making all my dreams come true.


©2013 Moonbeam McQueen

I Dreamt I Went to Heaven

I dreamt I went to Heaven,

and God reviewed the record,

of my days upon this Earth,

and of my past, so checkered.

As I stood there waiting,

Beside the pearly gates,

The Lord said, “Wow, your blog stats,

were really pretty great.

But your posts were mediocre,

Your Facebook page, third-rate.

Your LinkedIn was a shambles,

You never did updates.

Your YouTube vids were horrible,

(Though your grandchild is adorable)

Your e-books were deplorable,

Still, you begged readers to buy.

Your Pinterest board’s disorganized,

Your keywords weren’t optimized,

Your passwords all got compromised,

– “John Doe” will never fly.

So, I’m sorry we can’t take you,

Though I hope you won’t be bitter,

but we just don’t give out wings and harps,

to those who can’t use Twitter.”

Rhymes and Reasons

Hoorah! It is with great joy that I announce my grand entrance into the 21st century. I’ve published an e-book, and if you read this blog with any regularity, you know that the fact that I actually did it is a modern-day miracle. I’ve lost 78 pounds in the process. I’ve pulled out my hair in clumps. If I were a yard, I’d have to re-sod patches of my scalp. The remaining strands have turned white, and my left eye twitches non-stop. It’s all terribly attractive. My family has washed their hands of me, my friends are all hiding.  My husband now sleeps on the sofa at night and my dog hates my guts.

But I did it, by clickety. I wrote and studied and tutorialed. I formatted, unformatted, reformatted and cursed a lot. I considered adopting a drug and alcohol dependency, but my brain barely works as it is. Best not to mess with those few remaining cells.

My goal, besides (hopefully) generating a little income, was to learn how to do this self-publishing thing.  I have a vault full of stories and essays, but I wanted to start small and simply. I wrote a lot of poems and went about the task of compiling them into an e-book. It’s not a big book, or an important book, and it’s definitely not a great book– just a little volume of mostly-humorous, light verse.

I hear what you’re thinking . “Ugh!” your brain whispers, “I’d rather jab a fork into my eye than read poetry.”

I beseech you to lay the utensil down. Rethink your position. This is a book of poetry for people who don’t read poetry, developed especially for you by the maker of my mind.  It’s somewhat reminiscent of Emily Dickinson, if Emily Dickinson were a middle-aged woman fighting on the frontline of  a hormonal battlefield. It’s like Shakespeare, if Shakespeare had low self-esteem and an issue with meter.  It conjures the dulcet, silvery tone of Lord Byron, had Byron been tone-deaf and stuck in the house all day with only a wee, neurotic Chihuahua for company.  If you normally avoid poetry like  nuns avoid online dating, you’re going to like this book. I hope. As a professionally trained compulsive worrier, I can’t be certain, but I have a hunch.

Now comes the next step– publicizing.

I’m a Facebook failure, a LinkedIn loser. I’m Twitterphobic.  People talk about branding themselves and all I can think of are those poor cows you see standing around in pastures with a big “Bar K Ranch” emblem seared onto their butts. Ouch. I have to make an attempt, though. I’ve to get out there with the big boys and let the world know about my itty-bitty book. So I’m asking a favor– please go to my new Facebook page and hit “like.” You can find it by clicking here.  There, you’ll find updates on my doings. There will be links and contests, special offers and whatnot. Lots and lots of whatnot.

Peculiar Rhymes and Intimate Observations: A Book of Light Verse is available on Amazon, in the Kindle Store. Here’s the link, along with a few sample pages. You can also purchase it on Smashwords by clicking here. It’s formatted for every device, including, I think, the toaster oven. There are versions for Nook, Kindle, iPhone, Sony Reader, Adobe Digital and the good old-fashioned computer monitor, among others.

Your feedback is welcome and enormously appreciated. Your support means the world. Please feel free to shoot me e-mails, offer suggestions, post comments, write reviews and buy books! I hope it’s as much fun for you to read as it was for me to write. Not the publishing part though. That sucked.

Special Offer: For the next ten days, those who “Like” my new Facebook page will receive 15% off of the whopping $2.99 listed price when you buy at Smashwords. What a bargain!